Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame
Sponsored by the Allstate Sugar Bowl, the Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame was created in 1971 and has honored 219 sports figures (through 2015) who were born in New Orleans and achieved prominence in or away from the Greater New Orleans area; or, those non-natives who achieved sports prominence in the Greater New Orleans area in high school, college, professional or amateur sports. Plaques honoring the Hall of Famers are displayed at Gate G on the Club Level of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

2015: McAllister, Tuero and Whitehurst Added to NOLA Sports Hall
2014: Cervini, Johnson, Kittles, Koll and Washington Join Hall of Fame
2013: Hall of Fame Tabs Andersen, Holman and Reginelli
2012: James, Misuraca, Roaf and Salter Added to Hall of Fame
2011: Hall of Fame Adds Brooks, Faulk and McCafferty
2010: Football Stars Robertson and Williams Tabbed for Hall
2009: NOLA Hall Recognizes McDonald and Schneider

Each year's Hall of Fame class is selected by the Greater New Orleans Awards Selection Committee, a volunteer group which has met monthly to pay homage to outstanding achievements in athletics in the Greater New Orleans area for over five decades. In addition to the Hall of Fame, the committee recognizes an Amateur Athlete of the Month for the Greater New Orleans area and selects yearly winners for a variety of major awards, including the Eddie Robinson Award and the Jimmy Collins Awards. The group also selects the Corbett Awards, presented annually to the most outstanding male and female collegiate athletes in the State of Louisiana. The Corbett Award was created in 1967 and named in honor of the late James J. Corbett to commemorate his many contributions to intercollegiate athletics and specifically to the Sugar Bowl.

The Committee began in 1958 when James Collins spearheaded a group of sports journalists to form a sports awards committee to immortalize local sports history. For 12 years, the committee honored local athletes each month. In 1970, the Sugar Bowl stepped in to sponsor and revitalize the committee, leading to the creation of the Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame in 1971, honoring 10 legends from the Crescent City in its first induction class. To be eligible for the Hall of Fame, nominees must have excelled in the sports field in New Orleans or been born or raised in the city. Each year, the Committee evaluates nominees and selects the inductees.

Those eligible for election shall be chosen from these categories: sports participants, coaches, and managers who shall have been retired for a minimum of five (5) years of active competition in their field of sport. Athletic directors, school officials, or team executives, need not be retired or inactive in order to be eligible.

Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame Members

 Name SportPosition
 Organizations Years Active
 Danny Abramowicz
 Football Player New Orleans Saints
 1968-74 1984
 Elmo Adolph
 Official Easton HS
 1964-08 2000
 Johnny Altobello
 Baseball/Basketball Coach St. Aloysius HS/De La Salle HS
 1943-81 1982
 Morten Andersen
 Football Player New Orleans Saints/NFL
 1982-2007 2013
 Ted Andrews
 Baseball Broadcaster New Orleans Pelicans
 John Arthurs
 Basketball Player De La Salle HS/Tulane 1963-69 2002
 Alex Athas
 Basketball Player/Coach Easton HS/Tulane
 1938-88 1980
 Nehemiah Atkinson
 Tennis Player/Coach NORD 1940-00 2000
 Bill Banker
 Football Player Tulane 1927-29 1971
 Warren Bankston
 Football Player Tulane/NFL 1966-78 1997
 Gary Barbaro
 Football Player East Jefferson HS/Nicholls State/NFL
 1970-83 1994
 Marilyn Barnett
 Tennis Player/Reporter New Orleans Item/WTIX AM
 1940-90 1993
 Joe Bartholomew
 Golf Contributor  1900-60 1972
 Bernie Bierman
 Football Coach Tulane 1927-31 1971
 Ernie Blandin
 Football Player Tulane/NFL 1942-53 1987
 Henry "Zeke" Bonura
 Baseball Player Loyola/MLB 1927-40 1979
 Ken Bordelon
 Football Player Brother Martin HS/LSU/NFL
 1972-82 1997
 Lloyd Bourgeois
 Track & Field
 Athlete 1928 Olympics/Loyola
 1926-32 1978
 Warren Braden
 Football Player/Coach Xavier Prep/Southern/Carver HS
 1945-85 1994
 Johnny Brechtel
 Football Coach/Contrib. Easton HS
 1932-50 1983
 Joe Brockhoff
 Baseball Coach Tulane 1975-93 2008
 Javonne Brooks
 Volleyball Player U. of New Orleans
 1988-92 2011
 Ray Broussard
 Horse Racing
 Jockey  1945-77 1983
 Bobby Brown
 Baseball Player/Admin. Tulane/MLB 1945-94 1993
 Gernon Brown
 FB/Base/BKB Coach Jesuit HS
 1931-51 1976
 Joe Brown
 Boxing Boxer/Trainer  1943-70 1977
 Pat Browne, Jr.
 Basketball/Golf Player/Contrib. Jesuit HS/Tulane/General
 1947-2007 1995
 Jim Bullinger
 Baseball Player Rummel HS/UNO/MLB
 1980-98 2005
 Arthur I. Burke
  Sportswriter New Orleans States-Item
 1930-75 1985
 Marty Burke
 Boxing Boxer/Promoter  1912-48 1978
 Randy Bush
 Baseball Player UNO/MLB 1978-93 1996
 Ralph "Putsy" Caballero
 Baseball Player Jesuit HS/MLB 1942-52 1994
 Clay Calhoun
 Football Player Jesuit HS/Loyola 1931-38 1999
 John Aruns Callery
  Contributor Sugar Bowl
 1966-92 1992
 Tony Canzoneri
 Boxing Boxer  1926-39 1984
 Harold "Hal" Cervini
 Basketball Player St. Aloysius HS/Tulane
 1947-60 2014
 Ed Champagne
 Football Player S.J. Peters HS/LSU/NFL
 1940-50 1992
 Will Clark
 Baseball Player Jesuit HS/Miss. St./MLB
 1978-00 2003
 Milt Clavier
 Base/Basketball Coach Easton HS/Fortier HS
 1944-79 2005
 Kirk Marshall Clayton
 Track & Field
 Athlete Grambling/San Jose State
 1964-70 1996
 Ray Coates
 Football Player Jesuit HS/LSU/NFL 1941-49 1997
 James M. Collins
  Writer/Contributor   1977
 Bobby Conlin
 Football Coach Brother Martin HS
 1970-96 1999
 Wayne Cooper
 Basketball Player UNO/NBA 1974-92 2000
 Jerry Dalrymple
 Football Player Tulane 1929-31 1971
 Jesse Danna
 Baseball Player Jesuit HS/N.O. Pelicans
 1933-49 1999
 Dr. Artis M. Davenport
 Track & Field
 Coach SUNO  2003
 Jack Defee
 Horse Racing/Base
 Contributor   1990
 Fred Digby
  Writer/Contributor New Orleans Item/Sugar Bowl
 1912-58 1980
 Buddy Diliberto
  Broadcaster  1951-05 1999
 Steve Dimak
 Bowling Bowler   2001
 David F. Dixon
  Contributor Tulane/New Orleans
 1961-2010 1983
 Bernard Docusen
 Boxing Boxer  1942-53 1976
 Bill Dudley
 Swimming Athlete Tulane/1948 Olympics
 1948-53 1986
 Bobby Duhon
 Football Player Tulane/NFL 1965-72 1980
 Reggie Dupard
 Football Player John Curtis/SMU/NFL
 1978-90 2005
 Ralph Dupas
 Boxing Boxer  1950-66 1978
 Al Ecuyer
 Football Player Jesuit HS/Notre Dame
 1953-58 1978
 Whitey Esneault
 Boxing Trainer  1930-68 2006
 Marshall Faulk
 Football Player Carver HS/San Diego St./NFL
 1986-06 2011
 Jim Finks
 Football Administrator New Orleans Saints
 1986-92 1993
 Peter Finney
  Sportswriter Jesuit/Loyola/Times-Picayune 1946- 1998
 Billy Fitzgerald
 Baseball/Basketball Player/Coach Jesuit HS/Tulane/Newman HS
 1964- 2008
 Peggy Flournoy
 Football Player Rugby Academy/Tulane 1919-25 1980
 Dr. Eddie Flynn
 Boxing Boxer Loyola/1932 Olympics
 1929-35 1981
 Steve Foley
 Football Player Jesuit HS/Tulane/NFL
 1969-86 1992
 Dr. James Frank
  Contributor  1956-98 1998
 Gene Freese
 Baseball Player N.O. Pelicans/MLB
 1954-66 1988
 Buddy Friedrichs, Jr.
 Sailing  Tulane/Southern Yacht Club/1968 Olympics
 1958-68 1985
 Harry Gamble
 Football/Boxing Player/Coach Warren Easton/Tulane 1918-26 1983
 Stacey Gaudet
 Basketball  Player C.C. Baptist/Tulane
 1979-87 2001
 Joe Gemelli
  Contributor   1990
 Charlie Gilbert
 Baseball Player Jesuit HS/MLB
 1937-47 1980
 Larry Gilbert
 Baseball Coach N.O. Pelicans
 1923-38 1971
 Lloyd "Hap" Glaudi
  Broadcaster Jesuit HS/Loyola/New Orleans Item/WWL-TV
 1939-78 1989
 Tad Gormley
 Track & Field
 Coach/Contrib. Loyola/New Orleans
 1907-65 1971
 Gilbert Gray
 Sailing Sailor Southern Yacht Club/1932 Olympics
 Ron Greene
 Basketball Coach Loyola/UNO 1965-97 1998
 Fred Haas, Jr.
 Golf Golfer LSU/New Orleans
 1934-99 1980
 Jim Hall
  Sportswriter Louisiana Weekly
 Sam Harnsongkram
 Wrestling Coach Jesuit HS
 1972-98 2000
 Joe Heap
 Football/Track Player Holy Cross/Notre Dame
 1947-53 2008
 Alexander Heinemann
 Baseball Contributor N.O. Pelicans
 1900-30 1991
 Ellis Henican
 Foot/Base/Basket Player Tulane 1923-26 1981
 Pete Herman
 Boxing Boxer  1912-22 1971
 Jackie Higgins
 Golf Golfer   1980
 Dr. Thomas Hill
 Track & Field
 Athlete Cohen HS/Arkansas State/1972 Olympics
 1966-77 1998
 Dalton Hilliard
 Football Player LSU/New Orleans Saints
 1982-93 1999
 Sandra Hodge
 Basketball Player UNO/Globetrotters 1980-87 1995
 Rodney Holman
 Football Player Tulane/NFL 1979-96 2013
 Roch Hontas  Football Player Tulane 1976-80 1988
 Mrs. Sam Israel
 Golf Golfer Amateur 1934-65 1981
 Rich Jackson
 Football Player Landry/Southern/NFL
 1961-72 1988
 Rickey Jackson
 Football Player New Orleans Saints
 1981-95 1999
 Aaron James
 Basketball Player Cohen HS/Grambling/N.O. Jazz
 1966-79 2012
 Felix James
 Multiple Coach/Admin. Gaudet/Landry/Xavier 1951-70 1989
 Pam Jiles
 Track & Field
 Athlete Dillard/1976 Olympics
 Avery Johnson
 Basketball Player St. Augustine HS/Southern/NBA
 1981-2004 2014
 Terrence Jones
 Football Player Lutcher HS/Tulane
 1982-88 2001
 W.A. "Dub" Jones
 Football Player Tulane/NFL 1943-51 1984
 William McG. Keefe
  Sportswriter Times-Picayune 1932-80 1980
 Joe Keller
 Football Coach River Parishes HS
 Jim Kerwin
 Basketball Player Tulane/Semipro 1962-68 1987
 James King
 Basketball Player Clark/Ok. St./68 Olympics
 1962-68 2005
 Rick Kingrea
 Football Player Tulane/NFL 1968-78 1999
 William H. Kirchem
 Football Player/Coach Easton HS/Tulane
 1934-69 1987
 Kerry Kittles
 Basketball Player St. Augustine HS/Villanova/NBA
 1990-2005 2014
 Henry "Cotton" Knaupp
 Baseball Player MLB/N.O. Pelicans
 1909-20 1999
 Anna Koll
 Multi-Sport Player Wiltz Athletic Club/AAU
 1925-45 2014
 Nina Korgan
 Softball Player N.O. Jax Maids
 1942-48 1978
 Jack Kramer
 Baseball Player MLB 1939-51 1980
 M.L. Lagarde
 Multiple Administrator Tulane 1970-06 2006
 Milfred Laurent
 Baseball Player Negro Leagues
 1918-37 1980
 Hank Lauricella
 Football Player Holy Cross/Tennessee
 1946-51 1975
 Lester Lautenschlaeger
 Football Player/Coach Tulane/NORD 1922-61 1980
 Dutch Legett
 Baseball Player Easton HS/MLB
 1919-35 1983
 Theron Lewis
 Track & Field
 Athlete Carver HS/Southern/1964 Olympics
 1960-68 1990
 Henry Carl Lind
 Baseball Player Tulane/MLB 1924-30 1981
 Ron Maestri
 Baseball Coach/Admin. UNO/N.O. Zephyrs
 1970-00 1996
 Archie Manning
 Football Player New Orleans Saints
 1971-84 1989
 Pete Maravich
 Basketball Player LSU/New Orleans Jazz
 1967-80 1990
 Brother Martin
 Multiple Contributor St. Aloysius HS
 "Oyster Joe" Martina
 Baseball Player N.O. Pelicans/MLB
 1907-24 1979
 Harry Martinez
  Sportswriter New Orleans States
 1916-66 1980
 William R. Martinez
 Football Player Easton HS/Loyola
 1934-42 1988
 Tommy Mason
 Football Player Tulane/NFL 1958-66 1979
 Deuce McAllister
 Football Player New Orleans Saints
 2001-10 2015
 Jim McCafferty
 Basketball Player/Coach Loyola U./Xavier (Ohio)
 1938-85 2011
 Harley McCollum
 Football Player Tulane 1938-41 1984
 Perry McDonald
 Basketball Player
 Carver HS/Georgetown
 1980-88 2009
 Max McGee
 Football Player Tulane/NFL 1951-67 1999
 Dr. Abe Mickal
 Football Player LSU 1932-36 1985
 Mike Miley
 Baseball Player E. Jefferson HS/LSU
 1970-76 2000
 Sam Mills
 Football Player New Orleans Saints
 1983-97 2002
 Frank Misuraca
 Baseball Coach/Admin. Jesuit HS
 1962-07 2012
 Evelyn Monsted
 Golf Player   1997
 William "Bucky" Moore
 Football Player Loyola 1925-29 1979
 Jim Mora
 Football Coach New Orleans Saints
 1986-96 2002
 Eddie Morgan
 Baseball Player Tulane/N.O. Pelicans/MLB
 1923-36 1975
 Eddie Murray
 Football Player Tulane/NFL 1976-00 2006
 Johnny Oelkers
 Track/Football Player/Coach Easton HS/Tulane
 1925-78 1991
 Mel Ott
 Baseball Player Gretna HS/MLB 1926-47 1971
 Emmett Pare
 Tennis Coach Tulane 1934-73 1981
 Mel Parnell
 Baseball Player S.J. Peters HS/MLB
 1940-56 1972
 Willie Pastrano
 Boxing Boxer  1951-63 1973
 Audrey Patterson-Tyler
 Track & Field
 Athlete/Coach Gilbert Academy/1948 Olympics
 1940-96 1978
 Dr. Warren Perkins
 Basketball Player Warren Easton HS/Tulane/NBA 1938-51 1981
 Jimmy Perrin
 Boxing Boxer St. Aloysius HS
 1930-41 1979
 John Petitbon
 Football Player Jesuit/Notre Dame/NFL
 1944-57 1979
 Richie Petitbon
 Football Player Jesuit/Tulane/NFL 1954-72 1979
 Andy Pilney
 Football Coach Tulane 1954-61 1986
 Howie Pollet
 Baseball Player Fortier HS/MLB
 1935-56 1973
 Brother Melchior Polowy
 Wrestling Coach Holy Cross
 1944-68 1982
 Earl J. "Bubba" Porche
 Multiple Trainer Tulane 1949-85 1985
 Abner Powell
 Baseball Contributor New Orleans Pelicans
 1887-1904 1972
 Marlbert "Spider" Pradd
 Basketball Player Dillard/ABA 1963-69 1986
 Eddie Price
 Football Player Warren Easton/Tulane/NFL 1940-55 1971
 Alfred Priestly
  Coach Xavier Prep/Xavier U.
 Tom Priestley
 Basketball Coach Carver HS
 George Queyrouze
 Track & Field
 Athlete Jesuit HS/1906 Olympics
 1898-1910 1979
 Tony Reginelli
 Football Coach Newman HS
 1969-93 2013
 Milton Retif
 Baseball Player/Coach Jesuit HS/Tulane 1949-74 2001
 Nick Revon
 Basketball Player St. Aloysius/Hinds CC/Southern Miss
 1943-54 1991
 Ham Richardson
 Tennis Player Tulane/Amateur & Pro Tennis
 1950-65 1972
 Lou Riecke
 Weightlifting Lifter Jesuit HS/N.O. Athletic Club/1964 Olympics
 1942-80 1980
 Vincent Rizzo
 Baseball Administrator N.O. Pelicans
 1930-59 1987
 Willie Roaf
 Football Player New Orleans Saints
 1993-02 2012
 Isiah Robertson
 Football Player Rosenwald HS/Southern/NFL 1968-82 2010
 Rick Robey
 Basketball Player Brother Martin/Kentucky/NBA
 1971-86 1995
 Eddie Robinson
 Football Coach Grambling 1941-97 2008
 Terry Robiskie
 Football Player Second Ward HS/LSU/NFL
 1969-81 2003
 Alden Roche
 Football Player Xavier Prep/Southern/NFL
 1963-78 1991
 Bob Roesler
  Sportswriter Times-Picayune 1950-95 1996
 Rolland Romero
 Track & Field
 Athlete Loyola/1932 & 36 Olympics
 1931-36 1988
 Herman Roth
 Baseball Player Negro Leagues
 1920-32 1979
 Connie Ryan
 Baseball Player Jesuit HS/LSU/MLB
 1936-54 1978
 Jack Salter
 Football Coach Covington HS
 1960-93 2012
 Tony Sardisco
 Football Player Tulane/NFL 1952-63 1990
 Rags Scheuermann
 Baseball Coach Delgado/Loyola 1951-90 1982
 Augie Schmidt
 Baseball Player UNO 1979-82 2005
 Larry Schneider
 Baseball Coach Rummel HS
 1972-95 2009
 Arthur Schott
 Baseball Contributor New Orleans Baseball
 1930- 1992
 Pat Screen
 Football Player Jesuit HS/LSU
 1958-66 2003
 Bruce Seals
 Basketball Player B.T. Washington/Xavier/NBA
 1967-80 1995
 "Buck" Seeber
 Football Coach De La Salle HS/Fortier HS
 1959-80 1984
 Clark Shaughnessy
 Football Coach Loyola/Tulane 1915-26 1973
 Firmin E. Simms
 Basketball Contributor Biddy Basketball
 1955- 1986
 Claude Simons, Jr.
 Football Player/Coach Newman HS/Tulane/Sugar Bowl
 1932-34 1974
 Neil Smith
 Football Player McDonogh 35/Nebraska/NFL
 1980-00 2008
 Rusty Staub
 Baseball Player Jesuit HS/MLB
 1960-85 1989
 Russell "R.L." Stockard
  Contributor  1950- 2001
 George Strickland
 Baseball Player S.J. Peters HS/Pelicans/MLB 1940-61 1980
 Cliff Sutter
 Tennis Player Tulane 1930-33 1980
 Bill Svoboda
 Football Player Tulane/NFL 1947-59 1987
 Roosevelt Taylor
 Football Player Clark HS/Grambling/NFL 1956-72 1979
 Skeeter Theard, Jr.
 Baseball Coach Redemptorist HS
 1955-94 1993
 Henry Thomas
 Golf Contributor City Park
 1925-93 1977
 Emmett Toppino
 Track & Field
 Athlete Jesuit HS/Loyola/1932 Olympics
 1926-34 1971
 Edmund J. Tunstall
  Sportswriter St. Aloysius HS/Tulane
 1951-92 2002
 Linda Tuero
 Tennis Athlete St. Martin's Episcopal/Professional
 1958-73 2015
 Skeets Tuohy, Jr.
 Basketball Coach Newman HS
 1956-75 1993
 Marion Turpie
 Golf Golfer  1924-45 1971
 Steven Van Buren
 Football Player Easton HS/LSU/NFL
 1938-51 1985
 Jimmy Warren
 Football Player Cohen HS/Illinois/NFL
 1956-77 1994
 Lionel Washington
 Football Player Lusher HS/Tulane/NFL
 1977-98 2014
 Otis Washington
 Football Coach St. Augustine HS
 1969-86 1994
 Ron Washington
 Baseball Player/Coach McDonough HS/MLB
 1967-89 2006
 Ted Washington
 Basketball Coach Booker T. Washington
 Douglas Watters
 Tennis Player/Contributor Tulane/Sugar Bowl
 1916-21 1981
 Don "Slick" Watts
 Basketball Player Xavier/NBA 1969-79 1996
 Cliff Wells
 Basketball Coach Tulane 1945-63 1976
 Wally Whitehurst
 Baseball Player UNO/Major League Baseball
 1983-96 2015
 Nelson Whitney
 Golf   1905-20 1981
 Aeneas Williams
 Football Football Fortier HS/Southern/NFL 1984-04 2010
 Austin Wilson
  Sportswriter Tulane/Associated Press
 1972-92 1992
 Walter C. Wright
 Baseball Player McDonogh HS/Xavier/Negro Leagues
 1925-39 1982
 Lenny Yochim
 Baseball Player New Orleans Pelicans/MLB 1945-02 1995
 Charles C. Zatarain
  Contributor Sugar Bowl
 Don Zimmerman
 Football Player Tulane 1930-32 1978


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