Virginia Tech - David Wilson - Jr. - TB
(On his thoughts on the game) "I can't be mad at the results. Of course, I wish we would have won the game. I felt the energy on the field. I felt our guys give 100 percent to the end."
(On his reaction to Danny Coale's catch ruled incomplete in overtime) "I mean, I was standing right in front of him. I was probably the closest person to him on the catch and I saw it. I turned around and the referee said touchdown, and threw his hands up. They reviewed it and, for some reason, they changed it. I don't think there was clear evidence to reverse the call."
(On setting the Virginia Tech record for rushing yards) "Just comes with hard work and dedication and having great guys around, and a great offensive line; great receivers on the perimeter and Logan [Thomas] did his part to take the pressure off a little bit; J.O. [Josh Oglesby], my backup running back. The credit goes to everybody, not just me."
Virginia Tech - James Gayle -So. - DE
(On his thoughts on the game) "I thought we did a good job on defense, we just didn't do enough to win."
(On the resiliency of the team) "I'm very proud of our defense. I feel like we stepped up. It's just going to show we're ready for next year. It's like I said, we only have two guys leaving that are starters."
(On losing the game) "This is probably the most hurt I've ever been after a game because I really put my heart into it. But, it sucks to lose like this."
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