Allstate Sugar Bowl - Radio Station Coverage InformationIf you are a radio station planning to cover the Allstate Sugar Bowl, here is some information which may be of value to you.

Radio Row
If requested, we can arrange for radio stations to be able to set up in a "radio row" style location at our official media hotel (Marriott Convention Center) during the week leading up to the game. Contact John Sudsbury ( if interested.

Press Conference Feeds
All official press conference audio and video is only available from our official feed. Please make sure you have the proper equipment and cables to receive this feed. Composite video is via BNC, and audio (mic or line level) is via XLR. If you are capturing our feed to a personal computer, you will need adapters to connect your capture device (Canopus, Elgato, Etc.) to the mult. Generally, the capture devices use RCA connectors as inputs - Thus, for video, you will need BNC to RCA male, and for audio, you will need XLR female to RCA male. Recording on a VCR or camera will require BNC to the input on the device, generally BNC, and XLR female to the input on the device, generally XLR male.  SDI/HD video with embedded audio is via BNC.  You will have the ability to pull a separate audio feed via XLR if needed.  For further information, please contact Ray Garofalo (

Pregame or Postgame Shows
If you plan to do any live pre-game or post-game shows, please contact John Sudsbury ( ASAP to inquire about availability of space at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, as well as to verify technical needs.

In-Game Updates
If you plan on doing in-game score and game updates from the press box, please contact John Sudsbury ( ASAP so we can arrange for these to be the least intrusive for other media members working in the press box.


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