News Stand Archives, September 2008 - April 2009

April 30 House hearing takes aim at BCS
Birmingham News: BCS debate all talk, no action

April 29
Anderson (S.C.) Independent Mail: College football and its fans deserve to be left alone by Congress

April 26
Salt Lake Tribune: Can anti-BCS fundraiser score points for Shurtleff?

April 24 BCS is losing public relations battle

April 23
Associated Press: BCS considering parts of conference's proposal
USA Today: New blood coming to BCS as Pac-10, Big East bosses retiring
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Would a four-team playoff solve BCS problems?
Los Angeles Times: The more they stay the same in BCS

April 22
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: BCS to eight-team playoff pitch - we'll get back to you
Los Angeles Times: Mountain West Conference takes a radical tact
Eugene Register-Guard: No chance at changing BCS formula

April 21 Thompson pitches playoff plan
USA Today: Mountain West push likely to have little impact on BCS
Associated Press: MWC commish proposes playoff to BCS
Orange County Register: Mountain West wants to change BCS
Salt Lake Tribune: BCS discusses MWC proposal, but takes no action

April 20
USA Today: Talk, no action expected on BCS playoff proposal
USA Today: Schedule conflict puts Fiesta Bowl, Cardinals, at odds

April 19
Denver Post: Playoff system will get first hearing
Los Angeles Times: BCS commissioners to meet in Pasadena this week

April 12
The Tennessean: Congress has bigger problems to address than the BCS

April 7
CBS Sports: Sudden, swift changes to the BCS sounding more like BS

March 31 Utah has BCS lawsuit in mind

March 30
Staunton (Pa.) News-Leader: Football isn't a national issue

March 29
Salt Lake Tribune: Unfair BCS under pressure to change

March 26
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Congress - Leave college football alone

March 25
Associated Press: Congress to probe BCS antitrust issues
Orlando Sentinel: Congress will hold antitrust hearings on BCS
Deseret News: Hatch anti-trust panel to tackle BCS

March 16
Times Picayune: Editorial - A sweet deal for our region

March 15
CBS Sports: 25 things to watch in college football

March 12
Times-Picayune: Thornton, Waters top honorees at Football Foundation banquet
Times-Picayune: Sugar Bowl's new deal becomes official

March 11
Arizona Republic: Glendale will hosts 2011 BCS Championship game

March 9
Chicago Sun-Times: Big Ten Network anchor on the BCS

March 8
Colmbus Dispatch: Playoff proposal passes fairness test

March 6
College Football News: SEC Spring Football Previews

March 5
CBS Sports: Mountain West just wasting time with proposed playoff
The Sporting News: Mountain West proposal is nothing but grandstanding
Honolulu Advertiser: Selfishness won't solve BCS riddle
Deseret News: Proposal could end nonsense known as the BCS
College Football News: Is a playoff coming?

March 4 MWC reveals playoff proposal to BCS
USA Today: Mountain West proposes new BCS with eight-team playoff
CBS Sports: Mountain West proposes eight-team playoff to BCS
College Football News: Potential BCS busters

March 3
College Football News: Top non-conference games of 2009 Ranking the coaches in the SEC

March 2
Sporting News: College football's top story lines
Honolulu Star-Bulletin: University of Hawaii's financial black hole gets deeper

February 28 TCU hopes this is its year to crash the BCS

February 27
CBS Sports: Satisfying ending unlikely for 'BCS goes to Washington'

February 26
The State (S.C.): Plus-one, not playoff, appeals to SEC head

February 25
Sporting News: The Mountain West's attack on the BCS is flawed For the love of the game 10 things I hate about college football

February 24
Idaho Statesman: Shut up and prove it Mountain West

February 23 Schools not expecting change in BCS structure

February 22
Salt Lake Tribune: BCS makes millions despite economy

February 20
CBS Sports: Mountain West making moves to get more BCS access

February 18
Times-Picayune: Gormley to receive new turf in facelift

February 16
Fox Sports: Tourney's greatness makes regular season suffer

February 15
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: BCS is a mess as confusing as Tony Romo

February 13
Times-Picayune: Sugar's Smith worked his way up the ranks 10 offseason story lines to watch

February 12 Expect BCS venues to stay the same

February 11
Dallas News: Texas Republican sides with Obama in bashing BCS

February 10
The Sporting News: Some bowls may not survive the recession
USA Today: Despite big budget, Florida looking at cutbacks in athletics

February 9
Associated Press: Utah senate adopts playoff resolution ESPN's latest preseason Top 25

February 7
USA Today: Academics could bar some schools from NCAA postseason

February 6 Teams entering spring practice on the rise
USA Today: Breaking down how the poll's Top 25 fared in recruiting

February 5
Salt Lake Tribune: January win helping Utes in February

January 31
New York Times: Cardinals could prove BCS isn't so bad after all

January 30
Deseret News: Hatch calls BCS 'un-American'

January 27
Idaho Statesman: Mountain West wants automatic BCS access - without BSU

January 26
USA Today: Mountain West ready to make push for automatic BCS bid
Salt Lake Tribune: MWC presidents want inclusion in BCS

January 25
Times-Picayune: Xavier turns back Dillard in Allstate Sugar Bowl Crosstown Classic

January 24
Times-Picayune: Dumas to lead Xavier against Dillard

January 23 BCS proponents have found their savior - the Arizona Cardinals
Times-Picayune: Tebow tabbed for Manning Award
Gainesville Sun: Tebow wins Manning Award Manning weighs in on Tebow's NFL stock Tebow says loyalty is what brought him back

January 22
St. Petersburg Times: Tebow wins Manning Award Tebow selected as Manning Award winner

January 21 2008 was a long, strange season on the gridiron
Washington Post: Mr. President, the ball is in your court

January 20
Orlando Sentinel: Despite Obama criticism, changes to BCS system not likely in foreseeable future

January 19
Fox Sports: BCS system gets another legal challenge

January 18
Chattanooga Times-Free Press: Obama not too busy to push his BCS concerns

January 17
Augusta Chronicle: Congress has more pressing issues than BCS mess to address

January 15
USA Today: Congressman plans hearings on BCS in effort to force playoff A memorable non-BCS season in 2008

January 14
USA Today: Role of coaches' poll in BCS under review
CBS Sports: Coaches vote to keep BCS system Highlights of bowl season
Times-Picayune: NFL union looks at Entergy official

January 13
The Tennessean: BCS system gets coaches' scrutiny
Birmingham News: Saban needs another award-winning performance
Staten Island Advance: Call me a BCS 'major' elitist if you must

January 12
Birmingham News: BCS games' ratings see 7 percent increase

January 11
The Sporting News: Alphabetical - The bowl edition
The New Republic: The problem with Utah's BCS antitrust claim
Salt Lake Tribune: Utes had talent, but won with heart
Times-Picayune: Past season deserves a ringing endorsement
Montgomery Advertiser: Money, ratings continue to keep BCS alive

January 10
Detroit Free Press: A playoff is no better than BCS
Seattle Times: Taking stock of the bowl season
Deseret News: BCS isn't fair - so what?
Kansas City Star: College football season in review

January 9
Associated Press: ACC commish says BCS complies with law
Dallas Morning News: In the end, BCS and bowl system delivers
The Sporting News: A look back at the 2008 season

January 8
Salt Lake Tribune: Sugar Bowl could bring sweet rewards

January 7
San Francisco Chronicle: Title game doubles as argument settler
USA Today: Utah has 13 reasons to feel cheated

January 6
Washington Post: Vote for Utah, for college football's sake
Salt Lake Tribune: Utes AP #1? Probably not
USA Today: BCS' top two feel for left out Utah
St. Cloud Times: Let's make the bowls matter once again

January 5 Ratings are proof that fifth BCS game is a failure
Houston Chronicle: Bowls feel pinch of sluggish economy
New Orleans City Business: Sugar Bowl sweetens the pot

January 4
Times-Picayune: Non-BCS teams still face uphill battle
Times-Picayune: Forget playoffs, let the mythical games begin
San Jose Mercury News: Argument for college football playoff doesn't fly
USA Today: Push for playoff at standstill, but otherwise optimism abounds
Salt Lake Tribune: BCS is not perfect, but the Utes were
Salt Lake Tribune: Utes have nothing more to prove
Salt Lake Tribune: Utes' win changes the game
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Keep BCS, a playoff would give people less to complain about
Deseret News: Win is a big dream come true for Utes

January 3
Times-Picayune: Ute! There it is!
Times-Picayune: 13-0 says performance is no fluke
Times-Picayune: ABSOL-UTE-LY
Times-Picayune: Johnson helps Utes get last laugh
Times-Picayune: Utes turn tide on Bama line
Times-Picayune: Arenas' punt return is lone bright spot
Times-Picayune: Stealing the show - Legends Luncheon
Salt Lake Tribune: Utes win is biggest ever, and not just for themselves
Salt Lake Tribune: No more doubting for this team after a very big win Utes believe they deserve consideration for national title Saban has no explanation for lack of intensity

January 2
Times-Picayune: Alabama brings memories for Katz
Times-Picayune: Utah feelings effects of a Hawaii hangover
Times-Picayune: Utes look to get a jump on next season
Times-Picayune: With Sugar on top

January 1
Times-Picayune: N.O. is a fond memory for Utah's Whittingham
Times-Picayune: Back Breakers - Utah running backs
Times-Picayune: Nick Saban - Restoration Man
Times-Picayune: Tide's Johnson confident in line shift
Times-Picayune: Utah's Wright has come a long way

December 31
Times-Picayune: Alabama recruits live up to their ranking
Times-Picayune: Heavy hitters - Alabama offensive linemen
Times-Picayune: Mismatch? Utah says not so fast
Times-Picayune: Utah faithful pay homage to King Louie
Salt Lake Tribune: Utes know Superdome transcends sports

December 30
Times-Picayune: Smith vs. Jones is one of Sugar's top matchups
Times-Picayune: Utah's Johnson gets job done at quarterback
Times-Picayune: Wilson happy with choice

December 29
Chicago Tribune: College football playoff makes no sense
Times-Picayune: Paul Kruger is alive and well
Times-Picayune: Besides the wins, teams little alike
Times-Picayune: Family reunion for the Burns

December 28
Times-Picayune: New Orleans and the Sugar Bowl - A sweet relationship
Times-Picayune: All-Time Sugar Bowl Teams
Times-Picayune: Crimson Tide, Utes work on rust removal
Times-Picayune: Saban surely savors deja vu experience

December 22
Los Angeles Times: Enjoy the Rose Bowl experience while you can, Penn State

December 19
USA Today: Little guy Utah aims for upset in Sugar Bowl

December 18
Temple Daily Telegram: 36 Sugar Bowl was big for Baugh, Temple

December 16
Salt Lake Tribune: New Orleans ready for a Ute party

December 15
Salt Lake Tribune: Mountain West makes case its among big boys

December 11
New York Times: Case against a playoff in football
Salt Lake Tribune: If Utes lose, non-BCS will carry that weight a long time

December 10
Times-Picayune: Sugary Treat

December 9
New York Newsday: Like it or not, this is the BCS system they approved

December 8
Times-Picayune: Tide looking for sweet ending
Salt Lake Tribune: Utah football - Crimsons tied
Salt Lake Tribune: Utes will face Alabama in Sugar Bowl
Deseret News: Utah football - how sweet it is
Tuscaloosa News: Sugar Bowl tickets will be hard to find Controversy constant along annual twisting BCS path
USA Today: Despite some uproar, the system worked, sort of

December 6
Times-Picayune: Karr, O.P. Walker to play for Allstate Sugar Bowl CYO Championship

December 3
Times Picayune: Top teams at Allstate Sugar Bowl CYO Tourney

November 27
Associated Press: Holidays mean bowls in New Orleans
Washington Post: Time for the real campaign - the BCS
San Antonio Express-News: BCS bowl system good for fans, football

November 24
Sports Business Journal: How ESPN bowled over the BCS

November 23
New York Times: Obama's first fumble
Chicago Tribune: Time to fight Obama's push for playoff

November 21
Wall Street Journal: For the bowls, a fork in the road

November 20
Times-Picayune: Men's Final Four returning to New Orleans
Times-Picayune: Let the good times and big events roll Maisel - Breaking the huddle on protocol in the BCS era
USA Today: Economy may fuel shorter bowl trips for schools and their fans
International Herald Tribune: College bowl slate could be maxed out

November 19
Times-Picayune: BCS deal no sweeter for Sugar

November 18
Wall Street Journal: ESPN hauls in rights to top games
USA Today: Hey to the chief - BCS better than playoff
Washington Times: Obama's options on BCS limited
San Antonio Express-News: Why BCS tells Obama, yes, we can't
Kansas City Stay: Obama's playoff plan needs details

November 12
Arkansas Traveler: BCS system works

November 11
Houston Chronicle: BCS brings less mess than we realize

November 10
CBS Sports: Forget playoffs, BCS thriving this season

November 7
Dallas Morning News: BCS system, not playoffs, is best for college football
Riverside Press-Enterprise: Solution to BCS woes would have own side effects
Seattle Times: The debate of BCS vs. playoffs

November 6 - Ivan Maisel: Breaking the huddle on the alternative BCS route
Yahoo! Sports: College football commander-in-chief 

October 17
Times-Picayune: Editorial: A Championship City

October 16
Times-Picayune: N.O. has its act together in bid for Final Four

October 3
USA Today: Forget NFL: College football is greatest show on earth
Miami Herald: Want playoff thrills? Watch NCAA football regular season

September 3
Times-Picayune: New Orleans still contending for Final Four

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