01/02/13 7:30pm
79th Annual Allstate Sugar Bowl

79th Allstate Sugar Bowl Classic

The Allstate Sugar Bowl, born in the depths of the Great Depression, has survived many difficulties, including a World War and a devastating hurricane, and still ranks as one of the most uniquely successful amateur athletic achievements in the history of American sports.

Behind the Sugar Bowl is a story of community spirit and initiative that has been instrumental in spreading the name and fame of New Orleans worldwide.

Colonel James M. Thompson, publisher of The New Orleans Item, and sports editor Fred Digby first presented the idea of a New Year’s Day football classic in New Orleans in 1927.

From its inception, the Mid-Winter Sports Association has been free of political entanglement. Under the charter it was stipulated that it was to be a "voluntary, non-profit civic organization whose members serve without remuneration." In practice, this means that every Sugar Bowler buys his own tickets to all events.

Further, the charter provided that there shall be no private profits, and any surplus above the required operation expenses or reserve fund must be devoted to "charitable, religious or educational purposes."

The Sugar Bowl, which celebrated its 75th Anniversary with the 2009 game, is comprised of more than 100 male and female volunteer members whose sole purpose is to sponsor and promote amateur sporting events as well as to foster revenue to spark economic growth in the city of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana.

79th Annual Allstate Sugar Bowl: January 2, 2013
80th Annual Allstate Sugar Bowl: January 2, 2014

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