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Allstate Sugar Bowl High School and PHRF Regattas Wrap Up on Lake Ponchartrain

Monday, December 6, 2010

Brother Martin High School won the 2010 Allstate Sugar Bowl High School Regatta Championship on Saturday and Sunday on Lake Ponchartrain. Forty-five sailors from eight schools participated. Each team has an A and  B skipper and crew and the combined results determine the winner.

Brother Martin’s A squad won 11 of its 16 races in the event to finish with 25 points while the Crusaders’ B skipper totaled 30 points for a combined score of 55 points. St. Patrick’s of Gulfport was second with 86 points while St. Stanislaus of Bay St. Louis took third place. Jesuit High School was fourth.

2010 Allstate Sugar Bowl High School Regatta (Final Results)

  1. Brother Martin, New Orleans (55 points)
  2. St. Patrick’s, Gulfport, Miss. (86 points)
  3. St. Stanislaus, Bay St. Louis, Miss. (114 points)
  4. Jesuit, New Orleans (123 points)
  5. Gulfport, Gulfport, Miss. (145 points)
  6. Rockachaw Sail Team, Bay St. Louis, Miss. (197 points)
  7. Crusader Sail Team, New Orleans (197 points)
  8. SSC Rocks Sail Team, Bay St. Louis, Miss. (251 points)

In addition, 31 boats competed in the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) Regatta over the same weekend. Lesson #1, captained by John Lee, won the Class A Spinnaker title, while Steven L. Attard’s Viva Las Vegas won the Class B Spinnaker crown. Gilbert MacLachlan was the skipper of Good Intentions, which won the Class C Spinnaker series. Orion sailed to victory behind the efforts of Stephen Jones in the Class A Non-Spinnaker event.

2010 Allstate Sugar Bowl PHRF Regatta (Final Results)

Class A Spinnaker

 Place Yacht Skipper Design Club PHRF Points
 1 Lesson #1
 John Lee
 J-130 ODR SD
 SYC 303
 2 Dansoux John Alden Meade
 Melges 24 OD
 SYC 9611
 3 Vitessa Peter Sladovich
 Melges 24 OD
 SYC 9612
 4 Revolution Scott Sonnier
 Melges 24 OD
 SYC 9613
 5 Danger Zone
 Cal Herman/Pearce Wood
 Taylor 9.8 Custom
 SYC -2414
 6 Ricochet Tim Maloney
 Rocket 22
 7 Sierra Kyle C. Wild
 Melges 24 OD
 PONT 9622

Class B Spinnaker

 Place Yacht Skipper Design Club PHRF Points
 1 Viva Las Vegas
 Steven L. Attard
 Hobie 33
 PONT 993
 2 Capricious Rick McGregor
 Capri 37
 SYC 847
 3 Heavy Water
 Barry K. Hurlburt
 Peterson 34
 NOYC 12310
 4 Wildcard Robert Keister
 Olson 30
 PONT 10811
 5 Paloma
 Gregory R. Rubin
 Olson 30
 NOYC 10819
 6 Motorboat!! Matt Skaer
 Evelyn 32 OB
 SYC 9920
 7 Juggernaut Chris Lopez
 SYC 6924

Class C Spinnaker

 Place Yacht Skipper Design Club PHRF Points
 1 Good Intentions
 Gilbert MacLachlan
 MacGregor 25
 NOYC 2227
 2 Tenacite Merlin Wilson
 Irwin 31 CIT.
 SYC 1717
 3 Judicious
 Allen Borne
 Ericson 33
 SSYC 1358
 4 Weather Witch
 Kenny Lanata
 Pearson 30 Flyer
 NOYC 13816
 5 Esrpit de Vie
 Gerald Kuehler
 Tartan 33R
 PONT 13816
 6 Born to Run Tom Smith
 Santa Cruz 27
 7 Hot Chocolate
 Debbie Grimm
 SYC 13821
 8 Blitz Robert Grisoli
 Merit 25
 NOYC 17422

Class A Non-Spinnaker

 Place Yacht Skipper Design Club PHRF Points
 1 Orion
 Stephen Jones
 Allied Chance 30-30
 2 Knot Normal
 John & Debbie David
 Islander 30
 PYC 1838
 3 Quest
 Glenn Higgins
 Easterly 30, CC
 SYC 20716
 4 Koala Louis Lambou
 Easterly 30, CC
 NOYC 20716
 5 Right Stuff
 William Floberg
 Catalina 36, CC
 CSA 16221
 6 Siren Kevin McCaffrey
 NOYC 17122
 7 Easterly III
 Ricky Smith
 Easterly 30, CC
 NOYC 20723
 8 Mac Daddies
 Gerald Lester
 Olson 30
 SYC 108 30
 9 Rangler Tommy Allen
 Ranger 27
  186 30

This marked the third weekend of regatta action for the Sugar Bowl. Over Thanksgiving, the Optimist Midwinters attracted nearly 250 sailors from 10-15 years old. On Nov. 20-21, the Great Oaks Regatta featured 38 high school teams and over 150 sailors.