LSU and Alabama Remain On Top of BCS Standings


LSU and Alabama Remain On Top of BCS Standings park


Undefeated Teams Hold Top Six Slots

After posting dominant victories this weekend, Louisiana State University and the University of Alabama remain in the top two positions in the latest BCS Standings. However, there has been some shake-up in the standings after a pair of losses this weekend. Moving up to No. 3 is Oklahoma State, which takes the spot of its rival, Oklahoma, which drops to No. 9 after being upended by Texas Tech. No. 4 is Boise State, which had a tougher-than-expected victory over Air Force, but still moved up. Rounding out the top five is Clemson, which remains undefeated after cruising against North Carolina.

The wins by LSU and Alabama all but ensure that No. 1 will meet No. 2 in Tuscaloosa on Nov. 5 – both teams have byes this week. That same weekend, the No. 3 Cowboys will host No. 9 Oklahoma in the annual "Bedlam" game, which could still determine the Big 12 champion. The top two teams in the final BCS standings play in the Allstate BCS National Championship game in New Orleans this year (Monday, Jan. 9).

Undefeated Stanford takes over the No. 6 slot in the rankings as Wisconsin drops to No. 15 after losing in a thriller to Michigan State (now No. 11). The other two remaining undefeated teams are Kansas State, which is No. 8, and No. 17 Houston. The Wildcats host Oklahoma on Saturday in the only game between top-10 teams this weekend.

Oregon is the highest-rated one-loss team, jumping three positions to No. 7 -its only loss is to top-ranked LSU. The second SEC school to appear is No. 10 Arkansas, which dropped one position after a tight victory over Ole Miss. The Razorbacks' only loss is to No. 2 Alabama.

Michigan State had the biggest jump of the week, climbing to No. 11 after its thrilling win over the Badgers. Virginia Tech is the second ACC school in the ratings at No. 12, while No. 13 South Carolina gives the SEC a fourth program in the top 13. No. 14 Nebraska is the top-rated Big Ten school, while the Big East's top-rated team is No. 25 West Virginia.

Overall, the SEC has six teams in the top 25, second only to the Big 12, which has seven Top-25 teams. The Big Ten has four teams ranked, while the Pac-12 has three top-25 programs and the ACC has two. Boise State (Mountain West) and Houston (Conference USA) are the only schools representing non-automatic qualifying conferences.

October 23, 2011

BCS Standings

  1. LSU (8-0)
  2. Alabama (8-0)
  3. Oklahoma State (7-0)
  4. Boise State (7-0)
  5. Clemson (8-0)
  6. Stanford (7-0)
  7. Oregon (6-1)
  8. Kansas State (7-0)
  9. Oklahoma (6-1)
  10. Arkansas (6-1)
  11. Michigan State (6-1)
  12. Virginia Tech (7-1)
  13. South Carolina (6-1)
  14. Nebraska (6-1)
  15. Wisconsin (6-1)
  16. Texas A&M (5-2)
  17. Houston (7-0)
  18. Michigan (6-1)
  19. Penn State (7-1)
  20. Texas Tech (5-2)
  21. Arizona State (5-2)
  22. Georgia (5-2)
  23. Auburn (5-3)
  24. Texas (4-2)
  25. West Virginia (5-2)
  26. Washington (5-2)

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