Sugar Bowl: In Memoriam

Sugar Bowl Remembers and Thanks Its Members Who Have Passed Away

Since its inception in 1935, the Sugar Bowl and New Orleans have been synonymous with the best that college football has to offer. From its origins in the Great Depression to Hurricane Katrina, it has survived and overcome all obstacles during its storied history. This degree of success wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of the heart and soul of the Sugar Bowl organization – its volunteer membership. All have been dedicated to the Sugar Bowl mission.

The following committee members died within the last year while still in active service to the Sugar Bowl. Their contributions are fondly remembered:

James E. Fitzmorris, Jr.
James Fitzmorris, the former Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana and a member of the Sugar Bowl Committee since 1973, passed away on June 30, 2021, at the age of 99. A lifelong resident of New Orleans, he was a 1939 graduate of Jesuit High School and attended Loyola University. After serving in World War II and rising to the rank of Major, he worked for the Kansas City Southern Railroad, ultimately becoming a vice president. He served three terms as a New Orleans City Councilman and in 1972, he was elected Lieutenant Governor. He operated his own real estate business and consulting firm until 2018. Fitzmorris also served on many boards and was the recipient of hundreds of awards and honors. He is survived by his son and his daughter, as well as many other relatives, including fellow Sugar Bowl members George R. Simno (nephew) and Renny Simno (great nephew).

Terry Q. Alarcon
Terry Alarcon, a member of the Sugar Bowl Committee since 1987 and the organization’s president in 2000-01, died on April 3, 2021, at the age of 72. A graduate of St. Aloysius High School, Spring Hill College, University of Alabama, and Loyola Law School, he spent 15 years as a criminal district court judge in New Orleans before retiring as chief judge in 2012. While attending law school, he worked for Sheriff Charles Foti and upon graduation, he became an assistant district attorney in the office of Harry Connick. He also worked as executive counsel and chief of staff for New Orleans Mayor Sidney Barthelemy until being elected to be a traffic court judge in 1990. Terry is survived by his wife Mollie McCullough Alarcon and his son Joshua. One of his many proud moments as a member of the Sugar Bowl was presenting the Sugar Bowl Trophy at the University of Alabama’s national championship parade in 2018.

Thomas C. Wicker, Jr.
Judge Tom Wicker, a member of the Sugar Bowl Committee since 1973 and the organization’s president in 1986-87, peacefully passed away on February 24, 2021, at the age of 97. A 1944 graduate of Tulane University, Wicker served in the Pacific Theatre for the United States Navy during the final years of World War II. He would earn his law degree from Tulane and become very successful in public and private practice. In 1972, he was elected as a district judge for 13 years. He would successfully run for promotion to the Louisiana Court of Appeal, a position he would hold until retirement in 1998. He was a diehard supporter of sports, especially Tulane and the New Orleans Saints for his full life. Tom is survived by two daughters and two sons, including Sugar Bowl Committee member Thomas Carey Wicker; nine grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

Edwin A. Stoutz, Jr.
Win Stoutz passed away peacefully on February 20, 2021, at the age of 79. He was a member of the Sugar Bowl since 1961. A lifelong New Orleanian, Win graduated from Jesuit High School, Georgetown University and Tulane Law School. Win was elected to serve on the Louisiana State Democratic Central Committee, was a delegate to the 1968 National Democratic Convention in Chicago, and served as Mayor Dutch Morial’s City Notary. His expertise in automotive law led to him representing and owning dealerships in Mississippi and Louisiana. He was also the attorney for the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission for five gubernatorial terms. A member of the New Orleans Antique Car Club having served two terms as president, he had a vast collection of his own antique cars. Win is survived by three children and seven grandchildren.

Below is the list of all Sugar Bowl committee members who passed away while in active service to the organization:

Member Service Years
Terry Q. Alarcon 1987-2021
Gerard W. Barousse 1978-2014
John U. Barr, Jr. 1966-97
Ralph J. Barry, Sr. 1934-80
Herbert A. Benson 1934-61
Thomas E. Binion 1990-2018
J.H. Bodenheimer 1934-60
Louis M. Bodenheimer 1948-62
John W. Boebinger 1948-98
Dr. M.P. Boebinger 1934-61
Ben P. Bourgeois, Jr. 1984-2005
Alfred W. Brown, Jr. 1973-77
Dr. Leonard L. Burns 1973-2008
George E. Butler 1934-69
Aruns Callery 1966-92
Henry Zac Carter 1966-89
Henry Zac Carter, Jr. 1973-93
Joseph A. Childress 1973-2002
William J. Childress 1966-87
J.B. Coincon 1973-2013
John R. Conniff, Sr. 1934-57
John R. Conniff, Jr. 1948-68
John R. Conniff, III 1957-87
Sam Corenswet, Jr. 1948-2019
Sam Corenswet, Sr. 1934-70
Chas. “Bucky” Cousins 1948-89
Jos. M. Cousins 1934-60
Charles V. Cusimano 1973-2020
Joseph B. David, Sr. 1934-64
Joseph B. David, Jr. 1948-95
Marshall J. David 1949-91
Joseph C. DeBlanc 1958-2001
Paul E. DeBlanc, Sr. 1934-85
Paul E. DeBlanc, Jr. 1948-2001
Oliver S. Delery, Jr. 1984-2020
L. diBenedetto, Sr. 1934-58
S. diBenedetto 1948-72
Robert L. diBenedetto 1958-2017
Fred Digby 1934-58
Noel F. Digby 1948-75
Joseph Dresner 1934-67
Harry M. England 1957-2010
P.K. Ewing, Sr. 1934-54
P.K. Ewing, Jr. 1948-63
Robert J. Fabacher 1966-2016
James E. Fitzmorris, Jr. 1973-2021
Harry W. Fletcher 1934-54
James S. Flower 1973-2011
R.M. Gaiennie 1973-2011
Lloyd F. Gaubert 1973-2006
Charles G. Glueck 1966-2017
A.N. Goldberg 1934-56
B.J. Grenrood, Sr. 1934-86
David Griener 1990-97
Robert K. Gunsaulus 1950-2011
James H. Hall, Jr. 1973-74
James B. Higgins 1973-2018
Richard L. Hindermann 1967-97
Theodore L. Jones 1984-2019
Henry J. Jumonville 1934-43
Henry J. Jumonville, III 1973-2012
Moreau J. Jumonville 1949-74
Richard N. Kammer 1991-2012
Clifford H. Kern, Jr. 1948-2009
Don Kern 1979-2012
Ronnie Kole 1973-2020
William R. Martinez 1973-90
A. Theo Maumus 1948-2008
Eugene V. McClendon 1968-98
Warren V. Miller 1934-47
Ernest N. Morial 1973-89
Dr. William Mouret, Jr. 1948-91
Carl D. Mullican, Jr. 1973-2007
J.M. Niehaus 1934-71
A.B. Nicholas, Sr. 1934-66
A.B. Nicholas, Jr. 1948-99
Gus Pailet 1948-2003
Herbert Pailet 1934-78
Irwin F. Poche, Sr. 1934-71
Irwin F. Poche, Jr. 1948-75
Joseph M. Rault 1967-2014
F.D. “Hap” Reilly 1934-68
Clinton “Andy” Rogers 1978-89
Jerry E. Romig, Sr. 1973-2015
W.P. Rovira 1934-41
Frank V. Schaub 1934-67
George E. Schneider 1934-71
Dr. George T. Schneider 1948-2016
Dr. Leo J. Schoeny 1934-76
C. Norman Schwarz 1948-2000
W. Raleigh Schwarz 1934-49
Claude Simons, Jr. 1949-75
Wilmer A. Simpson, Jr. 1934-71
Wm. S. “Mike” Smith 1973-96
E. Allan Smuck 1934-95
Stanley R. Snider 1948-81
Walter L. Snider 1934-57
Edwin A. Stoutz, Jr. 1961-2021
Clarence H. Strauss 1934-47
Albert Wachenheim, Jr. 1934-84
Milton M. Walther 1978-94
Douglas S. Watters, Jr. 1948-2019
Douglas S. Watters, Sr. 1934-88
Thomas C. Wicker, Jr. 1973-2021
Dr. Elliot C. Willard 1973-2012
Bernard P. “Pat” Wolfe 1952-93
Capt. Fred C. Wolfe 1975-2011
Dr. Fred J. Wolfe, Sr. 1934-68
Fred J. Wolfe, Jr. 1949-74
Robert L. Wolfe 1955-76
Charles C. Zatarain, Sr. 1934-86
Dr. Sam Zurik 1948-2010
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