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Allstate Sugar Bowl News Stand
The following are stories from around the country which relate to the Sugar Bowl and the BCS. Some links from newspapers expire or change after a period of time so the older links may no longer be active.

Two links (regularly updated) to unofficial websites with television schedules:
College football tv schedule – updated for 2011

2011 FBS Conference Schedules (pdf, as of 7/26/11)

December 17
Birmingham News: Critics Aside, BCS and Bowls Have Merit  

December 12
USA TODAY: LSU-Bama Rematch Is Good For College Football
Leesburg Daily Commercial: Facts Show Right Teams Will Play For BCS Title
Memphis Daily News: Can’t Gripe When Best Teams Reach Title Game  

December 5
Times-Picayune: Michigan-Virginia Tech Pairing In Sugar Bowl Has Its Critics  

December 3
Times-Picayune: Would-be championship scenarios dotting the BCS landscape

December 2
Times-Picayune: Houston eyeing C-USA title, BCS bowl bid
Sports Illustrated: Unassuming SEC Commissioner Mike Slive At Top of His Game
CBS Humble Slive Has SEC Walking Tallest In College Football
Birmingham News: Sun Belt Commissioner Wright Waters, a Montgomery Native, To Be Recognized In New York
USA TODAY: LSU-Alabama Matchup Expected Even If Tigers Slip vs. Georgia  
Arizona Republic: Fiesta Bowl Should Say No To Penn State For Insight Game

December 1 One More Time
New York Times: For Transfer, A No-Huddle Scholarship

November 30
Fox No Complaints About BCS Title Game
CBS Okie State Has Shot At Ruining LSU-‘Bama Rematch
The Oklahoman: Oklahoma State Needs Stylish Victory To Gain Human Vote  

November 29
CBS Okie State or Chokie State?  Check Back Saturday Handing Out Pre-Bowl Awards

November 28 A Rematch Likely, But Not A Sure Thing Nearly Inevitable Rematch Result of SEC’s Recent History, Flawed BCS
CBS We May Not Like LSU-‘Bama Rematch, But BCS’ Logic Is Sound
Washington Post: BCS Standings: LSU. Alabama Poised To Meet For Title, Likely Regardless of Conference Championships
Baton Rouge Advocate: Plenty of Scenarioes Remain for BCS

November 25
Denver Post: Playoffs vs. BCS? Current system has a big fan
New York Times: Unmasked – Voters in Harris Poll take their jobs seriously

November 22 The Forde-Yard Dash: Revved Up for Thanksgiving Rivalries
CBS BCS System May Be Broken, But It Somehow Works This Week
Wall Street Journal: Scandals Spread With Changes In College Sports
CBS Weekend Review: All SEC BCS Title Game Is All But A Certainty Now Arkansas-LSU, BCS Future and More
November 21
Times-Picayune: SEC West has BCS in an unusual spot Who’s Best In The West?  Tough to Say Great Upset Weekend Everything We Love, Hate ABout Chaotic BCS Week 13 Watch: Don’t Forget About Arkansas
Wall Street Journal: If College Football Had Do-Overs
Note From Bill Hancock
BCS Standings
Chicago Tribune: BCS Change Good For Irish, Big Ten
Associated Press Top 25

November 20
Sporting News: SEC West Holds All the Cards in BCS Race

November 18 Sources: BCS Proposes Radical Changes Revised Mandel Plan Bids Adieu to AQ Status, Two-Team League Limit Game Over
Associated Press: Rose Bowl Would Welcome Penn St. If It Earns Bid Bowl Having Fun With Social Media Houston Controls its BCS Destiny

November 17
LA Times: For Everyone’s Sake, Penn State Needs To Say No To A Bowl Game
Cedar Rapids Gazette: SEC Could Snag 3 BCS Slots This Year
Associated Press: Houston Could Give C-USA Expensive Parting Gift

November 16
Football Bowl Association:Over 12,000 Volunteers to Contribute to America’s Bowl
Fort Worth Star-Telegram:If Frogs Win Out, BCS Bowl Would Be Sweet Reward
Montgomery Advertiser: Alabama Notebook: Saban Despises BCS Talk
November 15
CBS McMurphy’s Law: Penn State Is The One Team No Bowl Wants to Invite The Forde-Yard Dash: Damage Done Extends Beyond Penn State
Associated Press: BCS Officials Want to Lend Stability to New System
Birmingham News: One-Loss Oregon or Oklahoma Over One-Loss Alabama?  Don’t Make Me Laugh 
CBS Weekend Review: With Undefeated Ranks Thinning, Get Ready For Chaos
Washington Post: Big 12’s BCS Berth Likely Down to 1 Game, Even Though 3 Teams Can Be Co-Champs and 9 to Bowls 

November 14 Stanford, Boise Losses Set Up Great Rematch Debate…On Two Fronts If Not the Tigers or Cowboys, Then Who?
Times-Picayune: Oklahoma Sooners All of a Sudden Back In BCS Picture

November 10
Hattiesburg American: BCS May End Power Conferences’ Automatic Bowl Bids
November 9
The Plain Dealer: In The Pursuit Of Excellence In College Football, There Are No Unimportant Games
Football Bowl Association: Schools To Receive Combined Team Payout of $281.8 Million For 2011-2012 Bowl Season
Orlando Sentinel: Bowl Payouts Projected Around $281 Million

November 8
CBS BCS’s Effect On Heisman Field May Change

November 7 LSU Focuses On Journey and Destination LSU-Alabama Was the Pinnacle, But SEC Is Headed For Downward Slide Week 11 Watch: West Is Best
Desert Sun: College Football Playoffs Are Already Happening
St. Louis Post Dispatch: It’s Official: Mizzou to SEC
Las Vegas Review-Journal: LSU, Oklahoma State on BCS Title-Game Collision Course If Both Win Out
Kansas City Star: Ready or Not, Big Change Coming to College Sports

November 4 The Les You Know… Can LSU-Alabama Deliver?

November 3
The Birmingham News: Sellers Seeking Big Money For Alabama-LSU Tickets
LA Times: Once Is Enough For Alabama-LSU
Philadelphia Inquirer: TV Money Is Still Driving Force In Collegiate Sports, Panel Finds  
The Oklahoman: If Cowboys Win Out, They’re In BCS Title Game

November 2
Sporting News: Boise State Title Shot Would Would Be BCS’ Proof That System Works

November 1 The Forde-Yard Dash: Pat Joins the Yahoo! Party
CBS West Virginia Filing Suit Vs. Big East
USA TODAY:Is ESPN the Main Force Behind Realignment In College Sports
Memphis Commercial Appeal: Big East Expected to Add C-USA Trio; Memphis Hopes It’s Next  

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