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News Stand Archive – May 2010 through July 2010
July 31
Detroit News: BCS chief – forget about playoff
Monroe News-Star: Sun Belt’s Waters still has high goals

July 27
ESPN Dallas: BCS boss – Playoff hurts unique season Led by savvy commissioner Larry Scott, Pac-10 re-brands its image

July 26
AOL Fanhouse: Bill Hancock defends the BCS, politely

July 24
New York Times: Host of off-field troubles greet SEC Fooball Kickoff Week

July 22
Huntsville Times: The BCS works, says executive director Bill Hancock
Tuscaloosa News: Problem facing Utah – who do you sue? Access change makes Rose Bowl like the others
The Oklahoman: BCS plan – everybody’s got one
Times-Picayune: Sandra Bullock, Kelly Gibson headline N.O. Sports Hall of Fame honorees

July 21
Times-Picayune: Stable SEC has its share of questions entering 2010
Times-Picayune: LSU’s Coleman, Jackson to receive Corbett Awards on Friday night
ASAP Sports: Commissioner Mike Slive’s press conference transcript

July 20
Times-Picayune: New Orleanian Aeneas Williams touches lives after football SEC Media Days never fail to understand NCAA turns up the heat on agent-player relations with more probes

July 19
Mr. College Football: Five burning questions as we near SEC Media Days

July 18
Birmingham News: SEC builds dynasty in college football

July 15
USA Today: Games to watch in 2010

July 7
CBS Sports: Preseason mags’ Top 25

July 3
Orlando Sentinel: Potential antitrust claims may have slowed conference expansion

July 1
CBS Sports: Expansion lessons part II – dividing the Big Ten, Notre Dame’s break
South Bend Tribune: Notre Dame football realignment recap

June 30
CBS Sports: Expansion lessons part I – effects felt from Grand Daddy to TV
Florida Times-Union: Expansion talk slows, but bowls still nervous

June 27
Idaho Statesman: Broncos could be their own worst enemy

June 22 In wake of limited realignment, BCS more secure than ever

June 21
Associated Press: Texas’ rep Joe Barton thinks expansion may weaken BCS Citi out as Rose Bowl sponsor according to report

June 19 Original BCS-buster Utah has seat at grown-up table

June 18
Associated Press: Reformers blast runaway spending in college sports
Sporting News: BCS suddenly doesn’t look so evil to state of Utah
Sports Illustrated: Conferences need to play the name game

June 17
Associated Press: Utah receives invite to join Pac-10
Associated Press: Scott’s bold moves unveil new Pac-10

June 16 Everyone with a stake in re-alignment won, except the fans
Los Angeles Times: Maybe conference expansion isn’t for the best
Wall Street Journal: Here’s how to fix college football
Mr. College Football: There is peace in the valley for now
USA Today: TV deal allows Big 12 to survive, Pac-10 needs new plan

June 15 Big 12 provides a temporary solution (Forde) Texas, Oklahoma, A&M and Ok State to remain in Big 12 Influential group saved Big 12
Dallas Morning News: Big 12 gets new life after turnaround
New York Times: Texas agrees to stay in Big 12 and save it
Los Angeles Times: Texas turns down Pac-10
CBS Sports: Texas’ decision seems to have calmed realignment

June 14 Texas considering Big 12 deal Conference realignment to get political in Texas this week
AOL Fanhouse: If Texas A&M joins SEC, who’s No. 14?
Dallas Morning News: Change all about money, but could mean playoff
Mr. College Football: What we know, don’t know, about expansion Big 12 pushing projected value

June 13
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Realignment could mean end of current BCS, not NCAA
Kansas City Star: Big 12’s Dan Beebe was dealt a losing hand

June 12
Associated Press: Nebraska approved by Big Ten
Idaho Statesman: Boise accepts invite to Mountain West
New York Times: Uncertainty marks start of realignment
CBS Sports: The age of the superconference is here Friday brought two tremors, but biggest move still to come

June 11 Boise State moves to Mountain West
Associated Press: BCS likely to force USC to vacate title
Omaha World-Herald: Feds not likely to halt realignment Ex-SEC commish discusses expansion Conference shake-up monumental, but does it make things better?
New York Times: Formation of four mega-conferences could alter NCAA
Sporting News: Big 12 leadership should be blamed for letting tremendous product slip away
Mr. College Football: The SEC is being quiet on expansion
Mr. College Football: Why Texas has to listen to the SEC
Chicago Tribune: Uncertainty of BCS, TV deal, could force Notre Dame to accept bid

June 10
Los Angeles Times: Colorado agrees to join the Pac-10
Kansas City Star: Big 12 Conference has a pulse, for now Expansion 101 – what’s at stake?
CBS Sports: Roll out red carpet for the Big Red in the Big Ten

June 9
Times-Picayune: Allstate close to retaining its Sugar Bowl naming rights Pac-10 willingly sacrificing its image for cash
Lincoln Star-Journal: Tom Osborne hopes to put realignment talk to bed soon
Fox Sports Southwest: Bigger isn’t always better College football expansion? Can’t wait!
New York Times: Notre Dame is at center of expansion discussion
AOL Fanhouse: Big Ten, Notre Dame are talking…again

June 8
Digital Sports Daily: An interview with BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock Expansion scenarios for how dominos may fall
CNBC: TV math doesn’t necessarily add up for conferences
Sporting News: A word of caution for conferences wishing to expand

June 7
Sports Business Journal: Allstate close to keeping hands on Sugar Bowl

June 5 Pac-16 mega-conference a real possibility
New York Times: Conferences consider expansion, not tradition
CBS Sports: What the week meant for the Big 12
Los Angeles Times: Pac-10 isn’t likely to raid Big 12 soon
Kansas City Star: Four scenarios for the Big 12’s future
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: SEC expands is revenue A 20-point inspection from the SEC meetings

June 4 Pac-10 set to invite six from Big 12
Kansas City Star: Colorado AD sees Pac-10 inviting half of Big 12’s teams
CBS Sports: Pac-10 to become first superconference, maybe SEC Presidents to discuss expansion, Pac-10 rumors

June 3
Times-Picayune: State soccer championships return to New Orleans The time is right for Boise State/Mountain West to come together

June 2
Times-Picayune: Sugar Bowl will have a banquet to honor its award winners Big names set for Manning Passing Academy
CBS Sports: What if nothing happens?
Times-Picayune: New Orleans makes pitch to get high school soccer championships

June 1
St. Petersburg Times: In uncertain times for conferences, SEC in a position of power
CBS Sports: Seeking resolution, Big 12 may lack the muscle to get it

May 28
Orlando Sentinel: BCS’ Hancock responds to “revenue discrimination” charge

May 27
Mr. College Football: Is the BCS supposed to be fair?

May 25 Ranking the conferences for 2010

May 24 Are the folks behind the BCS bad at business or guilty of collusion?
Mr. College Football: Why the SEC can’t ignore the Big Ten

May 22
Mr. College Football: Congress vs. BCS: What’s next?

May 21
Associated Press: BCS head – Colleges, not Congress, should run sport BCS responds to Hatch, revenue sharing Big Ten can learn from failed 16-team WAC
Chicago Tribune: Big Ten AD’s already thinking of scheduling opportunities

May 20 What the Big Ten should do is… (Forde)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Would mega-expansion get us closer to a playoff?
Las Vegas Review-Journal: BCS can afford to pay for relevance

May 19
Associated Press: Delaney says expansion decision still months away
Mobile Press-Register: SEC’s Slive steals mojo from Big Ten’s Delaney
Augusta Chronicle: Big Ten could kill college football as we know it

May 18
Associated Press: Will Notre Dame keep its independence?
Las Vegas Review-Journal: Hot potato handed to Las Vegas Bowl Director

May 17
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Delaney is the Big Ten’s point man
Wall Street Journal: The Big Ten flirts with Rutgers
Honolulu Star-Bulletin: Boise’s exit seems inevitable, unavoidable

May 16
Sporting News: Why Notre Dame shouldn’t want the Big Ten
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: All speculation now, but Texas is the big fish

May 15
Arizona Republic: Pac-10 to undergo face lift, but it’s easier said than done

May 14
Chicago Tribune: Big Ten could see TV money skyrocket with expansion
CBS Sports: Missouri feels it has done enough to earn Big Ten invite

May 12
Kansas City Star: Four mega-conferences would do the trick Glut of bowls leaves many winners, losers (includes full bowl schedule) To go or not to go is the question for expansion candidates
Albuquerque Journal: Boise State part of MWC conversation
Fox Sports: Notre Dame has no reason to join a conference yet

May 9
Charlotte Observer: Salary insanity makes playoffs a pipe dream

May 8
Newark Star-Ledger: Rutgers at major crossroads with Big Ten possibilities

May 5
Los Angeles Times: Ten juicy topics that can marinate all summer
Tulsa World: NCAA is swimming in a big bowl of crazy
Hampton Roads Daily Press: Orange Bowl’s sponsor loss reflects poorly on ACC

May 3 Spring produces campus optimism

May 2
Columbus Dispatch: How big might the Big Ten become?
Tulsa World: Beebe’s task – Fend off Big 12 raiders

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