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News Stand Archives – May 2011 to October 2011
October 31 Week 10 Watch: LSU-Alabama…and More Stanford Handled Adversity; Now LSU and Alabama Get Their Turns Remembering Classic 1 vs. 2 Encounters
Times-Picayune: Sides Debate Whether Loser of LSU-Alabama Deserves a Spot In National Title Game BCS Analysis: Good News For Stanford, Oklahoma
Washington Post: West Virginia Leaving Big East for Big 12; Timing of Move Unclear Amid Bickering   

October 28
South Carolina’s The State: BCS Does Its Job Almost Every Season

October 27 College Gameday Kickoff: Coming Out Of The Shadows
Associated Press: NCAA Poised to Make Sweeping Changes

October 26
FOX Time To Give Boise State BCS Shot Saluting the Heros of Week 8

October 25
Associated Press: NCAA Weighing $2,000 Payments to Student Athletes
New York Post: West Virginia Lined Up to Leave Big East For Big 12
USA TODAY: Missouri Not Quite Ready To Tell Big 12 Goodbye for SEC

October 24 Teams Make Mark By Playing Spoiler Texas Tech’s Shocking Upset of Oklahoma Shakes Up BCS Race Week 9 Watch: Lessons Learned
Associated Press: OU, Wisconsin Fall, LSU-Bama Set for 1 vs. 2 Game
Wall Street Journal: The True Meaning of College Football

October 21
USA Today: NCAA’s Move to Academic Standards May Keep Teams Out of Bowls
Associated Press: Congressman Urges Hearings On College Sports
Denver Post: A Plus-One is Best Way to Crown National Champion 
Birmingham News: Q&A With Former SEC Commissioner Roy Kramer On Conference Expansion

October 20
Kansas City Star: Both MU and Big 12 Could Have Done More To Prevent Departure

October 19
New York Times: Big East’s Fate: Others Control Ball
CBS McMurphy’s Law: History Says LSU or ‘Bama Will Make Titile Game

October 18 A Deeper Look at the BCS Picture
Houston Chronicle: Big East Invites UH To Join Conference
New York Times: Missouri Moves Closer to Joining SEC

October 17 With Few Upsets, BCS Title Race Lacking Usual Excitement Sparty’s Win Sets Up Showdown  Week 8 Watch: A Barnburner?
New York Times: Conference Shake-Ups and B.C.S. Tweaks
Times-Picayune: LSU Football: Game vs. Alabama Is BCS’ Version of Playoff Game
Wall Street Journal: BCS Complaint Line Forms Here
CBS CUSA, MWC Consolidate Into One For Football
CBS It’s SEC and Big 12, Then Everyone Else In BCS Title Race
Sporting News: Computer Polls Can’t Keep LSU, Alabama From Being 1-2 In First BCS Standings

October 16 College GameDay Final

October 14
USA Today: Big East Could Face Uncertain Hold On BCS Spot

October 13 College Gameday Kickoff: Road to Excellence
Sun Belt Conference: Sun Belt Conference Commissioner Wright Waters to Retire in July 2012
New York Times: Auburn Is Cleared in Investigation Into Newton

October 12
Times-Picayune: Sailing’s J/22 World Championships Begin Today On Lake Pontchartrain
Sports In Realignment Circus, Desperate Big East Will Likely Lose AQ Status
Newport News Daily Press: Teel Time: Did Virginia Tech Really Lose Money On Last Season’s Orange Bowl?
New York Times: Missouri to Play in the Big 12 Next Season, and Then Decide

October 11 Season’s Second Act Promises Surprises
CBS McMurphy’s Law: Big East Wants 12 Members, But Who Will It Get?
Associated Press:  TCU Joins Big 12 Nearly 15 Years After Exclusion
Assocaited Press: Big East Looks At 12 Teams for Football

October 10 College Football Midseason Review Reality Check Weekend Offers Rude Awakenings for Texas, Others Week 7 Watch: Halfway Home Monday With Mike: A Look At The Unbeatens College Gameday Final: Awaiting the Initial BCS Standings
LA Times: The BCS and the Unbeaten
Boston Globe: Power Move By ACC
NY Daily News: Big East Footabll Courting Air Force, Army and Navy to Join Conference, Replace Those Who Bolted

October 7  College Game Day Kickoff: From the Frying Pan…
LA Times:  Author of Fiction Attacks the BCS
New York Times:  Loss of T.C.U. Imperils Big East’s Football Future

October 6  Report:  Missouri Hopes To Join SEC

October 5
The Statesman: Missouri Decides To Consider Leaving Big 12

October 4  Solving the Sport’s Psychological Issues  
CBS  McMurphy’s Law: Don’t Rule Out A ‘Bama-LSU Title Rematch
Times-Picayune: New Orleans Saints Sell Superdome Naming Rights to Mercedes-Benz  
CBS Neinas Doesn’t Need Big 12 as Much as Big 12 Needs Him
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Sorting Through College Sports’ Realignment Upheaval 
Boston Globe:  Big East Ready to Expand

October 3  Five Surprising Undefeateds Make Marks As Conference Contenders  Texas, OU Unbeaten Ahead of Red River  Week 6 Watch: Bucks Start Here
Arizona Republic: College Football Thriving, and BCS Deserves Some Credit Who Is Chuck Neinas?
Birmingham News: Is SEC Reconsidering Idea For Own TV Network?
Tulsa World:  Spreading the Wealth:  As Big 12 Withers, Other Conferences Thrive With Equal Revenue Distribution

September 30 BCS is actually pretty damn good idea

September 29 GameDay Kickoff
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Big 12 needs to expand just to survive
Birmingham News: SEC enters new world with unanswered questions about expansion
Miami Today: Orange Bowl attempts to pass ticket sale slump
USA Today: More financial help for NCAA athletes on the way

September 28
Associated Press:  Slive:  BCS 2-Team Conference Limit Reconsidered
Sporting News:  With Addition of Texas A&M, Expansion Scorecard Heavily Favors SEC
Sacramento Bee:  A Lonely Voice For Loyalty in the Big 12

September 27 Dashing Through A Chaotic Month
CBS  McMurphy’s Law:  UNM’s Locksley the Latest to Join JoPa’s List  Texas A&M Welcomed to SEC

September 26
Washington Post:  SEC: Texas A&M To Become Member Next July After Apparently Clearing Legal Hurdles  Florida Faces Pivotal Two-Week Stretch
Hartford Courant: For Conference Realignment, Football Is King
Kansas City Star: Will MU Follow Texas A&M Out of Big 12 Into SEC?
Sports Illustrated: LSU and Alabama Set For De Facto National Championship Matchup  Week 5 Watch: Title Game Previews?

September 23
USA TODAY:  Big 12 Seeks Reforms To Ensure Stability As Beebe Departs
New York Times:  TV Deal May Help Secure the Big 12

September 22  What Realignment Means For BCS
USA TODAY:  Texas AD DeLoss Dodds Says School Is Focused On Big 12 Future
Kansas City Star:  Dan Beebe Working On Agreement To Exit Big 12
New York Times:  After Weeks of Jitters, a Sense of Calm
CBS  Bit By Bit, College Football Is Imploding Before Our Eyes
LA Times:  Pac-12 Slows the College Football Expansion Train For Now

September 21  LSU Defense Young But Hasn’t Lost Bite
ABC News/ESPN Sports:  Superconferences Still On Hold As Pac-12 Stays Put
LA Times:  Pacific 12 Conference Won’t Expand For Now  Search For Stability Sets Off Panic
Press-Register:  Whatever Happens With Conference Realignment, It Won’t Ruin The College Game
Sporting News:  Slive, SEC Hold The Strings While Other Conference Puppets Dance

September 20
Associated Press:  Big East, Big 12 Officials Talk Merger
Associated Press:  Big 12’s Fate Rests With Oklahoma and Texas
Reno Gazette-Journal: MWC, C-USA Considering Football-Only Merger
The Coloradoan:  Mountain West Looking To Add Teams
Sports Illustrated: Realignment’s Musical Chairs Would Leave Several Schools In The Dust  
New York Times:  The Geography of College Football Fans (and Realignment Chaos) 

September 14
CBS  McMurphy’s Law:  Report Cards For New Coaches
USA Today:  Big 12’s Prospects of Holding Together Grow Dimmer  What’s Next For Texas?
CBS  Tuesday Top 10:  Most Exciting Players In College

September 13
Birmingham News: Why College Football Still Remains Great  Q&A Time with Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the Bowl Championship Series
The Statesman:  Sources:  Texas Has Three Viable Realignment Options

September 12
New York Times:  On the Field, All Is Well
CBS  Auburn Can Win, Georgia Can Lose and Robinson Can Play
Sports Illustrated:  Quarterback Situations Determining Fates of Several High-Profile Teams
New York Times:  NCAA Strife, and How to Ease It
ABC News/ESPN Sports:  Scandals Give Way to Thrilling Football Weekend
San Antonio Express:  Big 12 Survival Hopes Surge 
The Oklahoman:  SEC Official Expects Texas A&M Will Be Cleared; Expanded Pac-12 Might Not Use Division Scheduling Model

September 10
Times-Picayune: St. Paul’s Edges Acadiana 15-14 In Allstate Sugar Bowl Classic
Times-Picayune: Curtis Roars Past Westgate 27-7 In Allstate Sugar Bowl Classic
St. Tammany News:  Late TD Seals Seals Comback Win For Wolves

September 9
New York Times:  Stall In Realignment Process Gives Big 12 Hope
American-Statesman:  UT Independence Fraught With Peril
New York Daily News:  Rumors Fly About Notre Dame and Texas Football Landing In Big 10 By 2014 If Major Changes Hit

September 8  Texas A&M Accuses Big 12 of Backtracking
CBS  Bowl System Will Be “Chaos” If Big 12 Implodes
Associated Press:  Slow Pace of Realignment Hurts College Football
San Francisco Chronicle:  Pac-16 Football Makes Sense As Tradition Fades
CBS  When A&M Move Gets Done, Who’ll Be The SEC’s Lucky 14?  S-E-C!  S-E-C!  S-E-C!
Sports Illustrated:  Mass Realignment Would Alter BCS’ Future; The Question Is:  How?

September 7
The Register-Guard: Change Is In The Offing – And Soon For The Pac-12
Times-Picayune:  Nike To Build Turf Football Field At Joe Brown Park By Early January
Sporting News:  Mass Hysteria Coming Once Texas A&M Officially Departs

September 6  Armageddon In College Realignment Looming?
CBS  Decades After The Dust Bowl, Oklahoma Looks West Once Again  Utah State, Uniforms Among Surprises

September 2
Sports Illustrated:  Under Emmert, NCAA Has Sunk Deeper, Lost Even More Credibility
Kansas City Star:  Big 12 Expansion Targets May Be West
The Statesman:  What’s Next For Texas, OU, Big 12 and College Football?
The Birmingham News:  Now Come The Hard Questions For SEC In Conference Realignment

September 1
The Register Guard:  George Schroeder: Watch Out, Les: This ‘Athlete’ Gives Ducks The Edge
FOX  2011 College Football Predictions
Times-Picayune:  College Football Begins Tonight Facing Several Issues
Yahoo!  Texas A&M Plans To Leave Big 12 By July 2012
USA TODAY:  NCAA: ‘Cheating Will Not Be Tolerated’
USA TODAY:  In College Football, Where Are The Enforcers?
USA TODAY:  Ten Must-See College Football Games To Watch This Season
Lexington-Herald Leader:  Bama, Georgia To Vie For SEC Title  College GameDay Kickoff

August 31
USA TODAY:  After Tornado, Tuscaloosa Gets Lift From Crimson Tide
Pittsburgh Tribune:  Harris:  Big East Relevance Matter of Perspective
CBS  Will No. 1 Sooners Win The BCS Title?  History Suggests No

August 29
San Jose Mercury News:  Jon Wilner’s College Football Preview:  BCS Earns A Tip of the Helmet
USA TODAY:  Losing Early Worse Than Losing Late In The BCS Chase
USA TODAY:  Are College Football Rivalries Getting Out of Hand? 
Boston Globe: Landscape Has Some Changes
LA Times:  BCS Forecast:  An Early Look At The Bowl Games  A&M, Big 12 Talk Saturday About What Exit Will Look Like  Alabama, Oklahoma Headline Preseason Bowl Projections  Dash Through Freaks, Schedules, More

August 26
Kansas City Star:  BCS To Justice Department:  Maybe Next Time
New York Times:  Texas A&M Acts On A Possible Move
CBS  Top 25 Games Of The Season (Or Why The SEC Still Rules)

August 25
Times-Picayune:  Tommy Moore Memorial Junior Tournament To Debut In December  Storylines To Watch This Season
New York Times:  If Texas A&M Is The SEC’s 13th Team, Who’s No. 14?

August 24
Athlon  Jim Delany Is The Most Powerful Man In College Football
Sports Illustrated:  College Football Bracket Busters?  Mark Cuban’s Idea Could Work

August 22
Associated Press:  Boomer Sooner!  Oklahoma No. 1 In AP Top 25
New York Times:  College Football’s Ugly Season, Facing Scandals of Every Stripe 
Houston Chronicle:  With A&M All But Gone, Big 12 Faces Uncertainty

August 18
USA Today: College Football Schedules Ruining Game That Was Once Good
USA Today:  Booster Allegations Start Talk Of ‘Death Penalty’ For Miami Miami Takes Its Turn On Wheel Of Scandal

August 17
Yahoo! Sports:  Renegade Miami Football Football Booster Spells Out Illicit Benefits To Players

August 16
CBS  Breaking:  NCAA Head Contacts CEOs On Realignment
New York Times:  NCAA Chief Suggets A Summit On Conference Expansion 

August 15
CBS Movement Not College Football’s Problem — Lack of Leader Is  College Game Filthy Rich

August 12
CBS Playoff Not Discussed At NCAA Meetings  Check The Sky For Pigs:  NCAA’s APR Ruling The Result of Common Sense
Sporting News:  Source:  Report of Texas A&M Accepting SEC Invitation ‘Just Not True’

August 11  Summit Could Spark Major NCAA Changes
Sporting News:  Texas A&M To SEC Noise Gets Louder

August 10
Seattle  NCAA Calls For New Scholarship Rules At Retreat

August 9  Utah’s Pac-12 Success (of failure) Will Have Far-Reaching Implications  Q&A With SEC Commissioner Mike Slive  Ten Reasons To Embrace College Football After A Year of Scandal
CBS  After Summer of Turmoil, NCAA Football Needs Feel-Good Stories
USA TODAY:  NCAA Retreat Set To Tackle Several Critical Reform Issues

August 8  Big Changes Coming To NCAA  Jim Delany, Mike Slive Battle Off The Field
Tulsa World:  Cotton Bowl Hoping For BCS Bowl Status
USA TODAY:  Marketers Reshape How College Teams Sell Tickets

August 5
USA TODAY:  Oklahoma Leads Way At No. 1 In USA TODAY Preseason Poll
CBS  Life In The Circus:  Nothing Quite Like Media Days  Hold The Parade:  Pac-12 No Longer In Plum Realignment Position
Times Picayune:  Allstate Sugar Bowl Prep Football Classic To Feature Curtis, St. Paul’s versus Acadiana, Westgate
The Advertiser:  Acadiana, Westgate Set Date In Dome
New  New Prep Football Doubleheader Part of Superdome Revival

August 4
CBS  Brave New World For Big East Commissioner  Do’s, Dont’s For Division Alignments, Impact Transfers; More Mailbag 

August 3
New York Times:  On TV, if Not on Field, Big East Is Still a Big Deal
Boston Globe:  Big East Looks To Cash In
NY Daily News:  TCU Football A Huge Addition To Big East, Conference Should Expand and Add Army, Navy and Air Force  
LA Times:  Be In The Know About The Coming College Football Season 

August 2
CBS  College Football Faces Landmark Month Off The Field

August 1
Idaho Stateman:  Mountain West Want To Modify Non-AQ Revenue Distribution Equation
LA Times:  No Seismic Shift, But Still A Shake-Up For Pac 12, Other Conferences
Cleveland Plain Dealer:  Big Ten Football:  An Old Face With A New Game
CBS  Larry Scott Wants Meaningful, Quick NCAA Reforms

July 29  The College Connection
Chicago Tribune:  Delany to Big Ten Coaches:  Watch Your Step  Larry Scott Has Pac-12 Poised For Future.  What Lies Ahead?

July 28
The Business of College Sports Blog:  BCS Payouts vs. March Madness Payouts
LA Times:  Pac-12 Network Is Coming
ESPN Media Zone:  ESPN 2011 College Football Game Schedule
Chicago Tribune:  Setting Table For Big Ten Season  Rewriting NCAA Rulebook

July 27
Star-Telegram:  An Interview With The Enemy – Chatting With BCS Mouthpiece Bill Hancock
CBS  Pac-12 Has Never Been Better — Or Worse  Big 12 Commish Knows Doubters Looking For Cracks

July 26
Arizona Republic:  ASU:  Bowl Games Brought In $355 mil to Arizona Economy  Big 12 Focus Remains On Longhorns
CBS  Foes’ Grumbling Won’t Force Big 12 Hammer From Texas’ Hands  Pacific 12 Conference Likes Its Show Despite Holes In The Marquee

July 25
Boston Globe:  Swofford Wants Colleges to Regain Control
CBS  Speech Won’t Be Last You Hear On Slive’s Proposals
LA Times:  SEC Media Days:  The Most Eventful ‘Nonevent’ In Captivity

July 24
Times-Picayune:  Marshall Faulk Proud to Take Stage With His Former High School Coach, Wayne Reese

July 23
Times-Picayune:  LSU’s Patrick Peterson, Kimberlyn Duncan to Receive James J. Corbett Award

July 22
Times-Picayune:  Jim McCafferty Excelled In All Areas During His Career at Loyola

July 21  Slive Wants To Alter Landscape  Slive’s Suggestions Constructive, But Unlikely To Be Implemented   
CBS  SEC Boss Slive Hopes Bold Proposals Will Lead To Change
LA Times:  The SEC Is Second To None In College Football
The Birmingham News:  Mike Slive Has Too Much To Do To Retire As SEC Commissioner Anytime Soon
Times Picayune:  UNO’S Javonne Brooks Will Be First Volleyball Player Inducted Into Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame

July 20
CBS  Real Football Talk Returns As Media Days Bring Relief
CBS  SEC Commish Slive Senses That NCAA Change Is Coming
Times-Picayune:  Marshall Faulk Hopes His Success Inspires Children of New Orleans
Times-Picayune:  BCS Not Looking To Get Money Back From Ohio State 
The Birmingham News:  SEC Divisions Turn 20 Showing Remarkable Balance
The  BCS Director Defends Format  Presidential Retreat Q & A With NCAA President Mark Emmert 

July 18
The Tennessean: Sun Belt Coaches Ponder Playoff
Times-Picayune:  LSU Football Coach Les Miles Gets A Blast From the Past During Stop In New Orleans  Myth of Exploited, Impoverished Athletes  College Athletes Deserve To Be Paid  College Athletes Are Already Getting Paid

July 15  Full Cost of Attendance Gains Traction

July 14
Times-Picayune: Renovated Super Dome Gets A Trial Run For The 2012 Final Four Final Four 2012: Super Dome Upgrades Should Improve Fan Experience The View From Inside
Anderson Independent Mail: SEC Media Circus Just Around The Corner July 11
Associated Press: Ohio State Vacates 2010 Wins, Sugar Bowl
Endid News & Eagle: Feds Should Stay Out of BCS Allstate Sugar Bowl Announces LSU’s Duncan and Peterson as 2011 Corbett Award Winners

July 8
Times-Picayune: Ohio State’s decision will not lead to trophy for Arkansas

July 7
CBS Sports: Delany Doesn’t Rule Out NCAA Split
Times Picayune:  Sugar Bowl, Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame Announce Award Winners
Florida Times Union:  More Conference Realignment Is Coming
Sports Illustrated: Utah’s Holy War Edge, Oregon’s Uncertain Future; more Mailbag

July 6
USA Today: NCAA Could See ‘Fundamental Changes’ In Way It Operates
CBS Sports: Temple Recruits:  Move To Big East Coming Soon

July 5
Hattiesburg American:  C-USC, MWC Seek Best Path to BCS Bowls
Cedar Rapids Gazette:  Do You Like the BCS?

July 1
Associated Press: BCS Exec. Director Meets With DOJ Officials
USA Today: NCAA Moratorium Stands; No New Bowls For Up to Three Years
Arizona Republic: Fiesta Has to Be On Same Page As IRS, BCS
CBS Sports: Conference Realignment Now Official, Teams Feeling Way Along
Associated Press: Scott Officially Debuts New Pac-12 Friday
Idaho Statesman: Boise State Embraces A New Era – And Plenty of Challenges – In Move to Mountain West
Chronicle of Higher Education: NCAA Reorganizes Its Investigative Unit

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