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Sugar Bowl News Stand Archives – May 2009 through July 2009

July 31
Columbia (S.C.) State: TV too eager to tune out fans

July 30
Birmingham News: Pac-10, ACC, Big 12 looking at one network TV deal

July 29
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Big Ten, Pac-10 had no choice on Rose Bowl access WAC commissioner talks Boise State, Mountain West

July 28
Associated Press: BCS tweak allows greater access to Rose Bowl
Chicago Sun-Times: Who’s tops in the Big Ten
Orlando Sentinel: Football Bowl Subdivision school revenues

July 27 ACC in need of national title contender for respect
Birmingham News: Coaches know how to pass the vote
USA Today: Coaches plan to keep final ballots secret has detractors

July 26 Swofford – while flawed, BCS successful
Dallas Morning News: Big 12 boss – BCS isn’t perfect, but it has charm
Newport News Daily Press: Story lines entering ACC Media Days
USA Today: SEC players to watch
Greensboro News & Observer: Q&A with ACC commissioner John Swofford
New York Times: SEC vote revives bickering over polls

July 25
Charlotte Observer: Duke, UNC, N.C. State look to build on 2008

July 24 A tradition that needs to change Defacto TV network will push SEC even further ahead of its competitors SEC Media Day notes

July 23
Tampa Tribune: SEC nation achieves world dominance
Sporting News: Ole Miss looks ready to swim with the sharks
Sporting News: St. Tebow shines at media day

July 22
CBS Sports: Titles, top talent, now own network – SEC rules on high
Sporting News: Depression? Recession? Not for SEC Football
USA Today: SEC Media Days begin with a shroud of mystery

July 21
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: SEC Media Days preview
Huntsville Times: What will your team say at SEC Media Days
The Tennessean: New SEC coaches will feel media heat
Chattanooga Times-Free Press: SEC Media Days to be bigger than ever
Chattanooga Times-Free Press: Expected media crowd shows SEC is No. 1
CBS Sports: AFCA delays change to coaches poll at BCS request

July 20
The Sporting News: Six teams that will run the table this season
Anderson (S.C.) Independent Mail: SEC Media Days mean the start of college football

July 19
Times-Picayune: South Louisiana’s 25 most influential people in sports
Birmingham News: 10 questions for SEC Football in 2009
Northwest Arkansas Times: TV deals make SEC hard to ignore
Mobile Press-Register: Recruiting costs in the SEC

July 16
CBS Sports: Get it straight, Hatch, blame the voters, not BCS Sorry Utah, BCS doesn’t break anti-trust laws
Peoria Journal-Star: Another side to the BCS
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Designations are what’s wrong with the BCS

July 15
Parkersburg (W.Va.) News and Sentinel: Hatch wasting our taxes
Las Vegas Sun: In the end, MWC took the money and walked

July 14 Current BCS system limits competition
Tonganoxie (Kan.) Mirror: Senator’s BCS request out of line
Asheville (N.C.) Citizen-Times: BCS can afford to pay off its opponents
Salt Lake Tribune: Utah’s Brian Johnson still awaits a ride to the NFL

July 13
Deseret News: Don’t let Congress touch BCS

July 12 Trivial pursuit in Washington
Cleveland Plain-Dealer: BCS in need of one simple tweak

July 11
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: With dreams of BCS, Cotton Bowl begins a new chapter
Peoria Journal-Star: Argue if you must, BCS not right
Enid (Okla.) News & Eagle: Hatch’s hearing is more BS than BCS

July 10
Orlando Sentinel: The SEC’s 10 most powerful people
Orlando Sentinel: SEC commish Slive a big-time rainmaker
Washington Times: It’s Time for Hatch to Punt
CBS Sports: BCS makes silence worth its weight in gold
Boulder Daily Camera: Money main reason for BCS exclusivity
Richmond Times-Dispatch: BCS performance was a capitol offense

July 9 There was no way for Perlman to reason with BCS foes MWC to sign BCS agreement
Salt Lake Tribune: MWC shouldn’t have signed BCS deal with ESPN
ESPN podcast with Harvey Perlman

July 8 Best the best to be the best in BCS
The Oklahoman: It’s a Utah pity party in the nation’s capital
Washington Post: Utes play Huskers in Orrin Bowl
Idaho Statesman: WAC, Mountain West face big decision on BCS
USA Today: Hatch suggests Justice Department look at BCS
Salt Lake Tribune: Hatch throws flag on BCS system
Los Angeles Times: Senate panel holds hearing on BCS
ESPN podcast with Orrin Hatch

July 7
Wall Street Journal: College football goes down the Hatch
Sports Illustrated: Why Congress’ latest BCS hearing will be a complete waste of time
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: It’s time to be honest about the BCS
Salt Lake Tribune: Beware, college football playoff system may not be so Sugary
Oakland Tribune: Congress needs to drop nonsense of changing BCS system
CBS Sports: College football still haunted by BCS, unfair title system
Pensacola News-Journal: Congress should leave sports to sports

July 6
Mobile Press-Register: It’s a football game, not a national crisis
Winston-Salem Journal: Football foolishness
Wall Street Journal: College football playoff could drive up cable revenues The SEC’s red-hot rivalries heading into 2009

July 5
CBS Sports: Picking the SEC
Real Clear Sports: 10 questions with John Swofford
Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader: Republicans should pass on football rulings
Columbia (Mo.) Daily-Tribune: An alternative look at the day in sports – BCS
Gainesville Sun: In the South, college football stands alone
Tulsa World: Cotton Bowl should be a BCS game

July 4
Deseret News: The BCS won’t fix itself, so Congress has to step in

July 1

Nebraska State Paper: Talking BCS With New Committee Chief Perlman
CBS Sports: Bolshevik Communist System? Calhoun’s tune could be different

June 30
CBS Sports: Picking the SEC
Associated Press: Senate to look into BCS anti-trust issues
USA Today: Hatch makes case for fed intervention in BCS

June 29
Washington Post: Where money talks and hypocrisy walks

June 25

Los Angeles Times: Rose Bowl as a playoff quarterfinal? Not!

June 24
USA Today: Proposal to dramatically change BCS receives no traction

June 19
Honolulu Advertiser: MWC’s proposal won’t alter BCS

June 18 Boise State puts its money where it’s Congressional testimony is

June 17
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: UGA signs $92.8 million media rights deal
Dallas Morning News: Officials looking to bring new bowl to Cotton Bowl Stadium
Denver Post: Mountain West not getting far with BCS

June 16
Real Clear Sports: 12 questions with Orrin Hatch

June 15
USA Today: BCS change likely not on agenda at BCS commissioners meetings

June 12
USA Today: BCS cable connection complete as ESPN lands Rose Bowl

June 8 Big non-conference games vanishing
Tulsa World: WAC has benefited from BCS

June 7
Tulsa World: C-USA boss understands BCS access

June 6
Athens Banner-Herald: Richt ‘not thrilled’ with non-conference slate

June 4
Times-Picayune: Rewards of change – GNO Sports Hall of Fame

June 3
Times-Picayune: Two ULL athletes win Corbett Awards

May 29
Los Angeles Times: Who’s going to investigate Joe Barton?
CBS Sports: Tide rising, will overwhelm BCS in coming years
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: SEC headed to big pay day in 2010

May 28
Los Angeles Times: Coaches agree to make ballots secret again
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Coaches vote to make ballots secret

May 27
San Antonio Express-News: Congressman challenges Alamo Bowl director’s claim

May 26
CBS Sports: Kiffin faces music at SEC meetings, doesn’t flinch

May 20
Times-Picayune: New Orleans is a perfect host
Times-Picayune: Superdome once again beams as crown jewel of city, NFL

May 19 Applauding a Big Easy, Super decision

May 13
Deseret News: Getting the BCS to budge

May 12
Augusta Chronicle: Circling the bowl – again Congress should leave college football, BCS alone

May 11
Tulsa World: BCS broken and widely unfair

May 10
Tulsa World: Congressional BCS dialogue good, but tricky
Salt Lake Tribune: Mountain West hoping to bowl over BCS

May 9
Desert News: Hatch, Bennett send new complaint to BCS

May 8
Associated Press: Changing of guard in Pac-10 won’t likely affect BCS

May 7
San Diego Union-Tribune: Congress takes shot at righting BCS wrong

May 6
Orlando Sentinel: BCS system has flaws, but it does work
Fox Toledo: No playoff needed

May 5
Denver Post: Congress no help in BCS mess
CBS Sports: Congress’ failure leaves just one option for BCS change – you
Buffalo News: BCS is about controlling purse strings

May 4 BCS debate rages on
Virginian-Pilot: Political gamesmanship on full display in BCS dust-up
Opelika-Auburn News: Congress’ priorities out of whack as it debates BCS
NESN University: Open letter to Congress – Quit worrying about sports

May 3
Times West Virginian: Congress should stay out of BCS
Spartanburg (S.C.) Herald-Journal: No priorities for Congress
Cleveland Plain Dealer: B razen C ommunist S eries
Baton Rouge Advocate: MWC plan contains some flaws

May 2
New York Daily News: It’s a load of BCS as Congress makes push for playoff
Los Angeles Times: Congress should stay out of football

May 1
Kansas City Star: Don’t look for the Barton Bowl anytime soon
CBS Sports: Posturing is Barton’s game as BCS goes to D.C.
CBS Sports: Congress will fix BCS, oink, oink — er, wink, wink
Associated Press: Lawmaker compares BCS to Communism
Salt Lake Tribune: Utah exhibit A in push for college football playoff
McClatchey Newspapers: Small schools press Congress for shot at national championship
Contra Costa Times: Is Congress kidding? It has no place in the BCS
Associated Press: Congress to examine fairness, financing of BCS
Los Angeles Times: Enough debate – adopt a playoff system for college football

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