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News Stand Archive: August-November 2010
October 27
AOL Fanhouse: Oregon’s replay man gets a significant workout

October 26 Unbeatens beware on Anarchy Saturday (Forde) So far, this season’s an enigma

October 25 Sizing up unlikely conference races Auburn is the right one

October 21
Wall Street Journal: College football’s rising middle class

October 20
Times-Picayune: Sugar Bowl to sponsor elite high school tournament
Associated Press: Vizio to be new Rose Bowl sponsor
AOL Fanhouse: When it comes to upsets, Florida is king

October 19 Dashing through the stock report (Forde)

October 18 Passing the eye test (Schlabach)

October 17 In season of chaos, it’s time to put our trust in a steady hand (Mandel)

October 14
Associated Press: Halftime report is in on college football season

October 13 Faster pace of football affects dynasties Hitting the BCS campaign trail

October 12 It’s a mad, mad season so far (Forde-Yard Dash)

October 11
ESPN: On the Mark – Midseason Awards College Football Overtime (Mandel)
USA Today: Smell that? It’s BCS chaos brewing

October 10
CBS Sports: Ohio State No. 1? Voters took the easy way out

October 7 Don’t sweat Big East’s BCS status GameDay Kickoff

October 5 Forde-Yard Dash – Coaching blunders
AOL Fanhouse: McMurphy’s Law – The going for that extra extra point edition
Associated Press: No apologies from Miles

October 4 College Football Overtime – Miles in league of his own On the Mark – Another year of undefeateds?

October 1 Gators-Tide ranks among great battles

September 30 College GameDay Kickoff

September 28 September surprises, October forecasting (Forde-Yard Dash)
Mr. College Football: First round of “playoffs” begins on Saturday
Wall Street Journal: There’s perfect, then there’s perfect (25 undefeated teams remain)

September 27 On the Mark – Clash of the titans
Montgomery Advertiser: Carr wants modified college football playoff
New York Times: Losing Oregon State coach has unusual influence on title race College Football Overtime – weeding out process beginning
CBS Sports: Boise continues legitimate run with latest victory

September 26
Los Angeles Times: Pac-10 Conference is growing and getting stronger

September 24
Fox Sports: Bowls could hit new low with 5-7 team

September 23 College GameDay Kickoff What to watch in the SEC

September 22 SEC teams gear up for conference play

September 21
CBS Sports: Already out of the title race, ACC still has a ways to go Forde-Yard Dash – Ode to fakery
AOL Fanhouse: Big East gets a chance to save some face

September 20
AOL Fanhouse: Boise State’s schedule is tougher than Nebraska’s Widespread panic – traditional powers looking at panic buttons College Football Overtime

September 19
Las Vegas Review-Journal: BCS puts NCAA nice guy in bad spot

September 17
CBS Sports: Robinson looking like the latest, and greatest RichRod star
Associated Press: Most undeserving Heisman Trophy winners
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: College sports spending out-of-whack

September 16 College GameDay Kickoff Under-the-radar ‘freelancers’ a main source of college corruption
Las Vegas Sun: BCS, Boise State among hot topics at Maaco Bowl Las Vegas event

September 15
Arizona Republic: Bowl games could bring $400 million boost to Arizona
Mr. College Football: Is this going to be 2004 all over again? Week 3 Viewer’s Guide – things get a little tougher Young players making a big difference

September 14
CBS Sports: Media follows logic to wrong poll position
USA Today: Lattimore making immediate impact at South Carolina
USA Today: Meet Mr. Robinson, Michigan’s electrifying Heisman hopeful Dash of discipline and desert drama

September 13 On any given Saturday

September 12 New wave of game-breaking QBs injecting life into teams
Associated Press: The James Madison effect
The State: Welcome to a new era of Gamecock football

September 10 Match-up sparks memories of the Bear for Penn State, Paterno

September 9
Times-Picayune: Mickey Holmes put the Sugar Bowl into championship play College GameDay Kickoff Top 25 Overview

September 8
Fox Sports: Boise State win is what’s right with college football

September 7 Boise State has its marquee win, but BCS debate will rage on Forde-Yard Dash – Get on the bus for week 2
Mr. College Football: The question? 12-0 Boise State or 12-1 SEC, ACC champ
CBS Sports: Dramatic win morphs Boise State from BCS curiosity to contender

September 6
Yahoo! Sports: Week 2 Watch – Trio of can’t miss clashes

September 5 College GameDay Final

September 3
NBC Sports: What’s it going to take to topple the mighty SEC? For coaches, opening weekend can’t end soon enough Utah proves its Pac-12 worthiness

September 2
USA Today: Why the BCS? So that every game counts College GameDay Kickoff
Los Angeles Times: How Boise adds up to No. 1 in the nation
Wall Street Journal: Will college football sell in New York?
Tri-City Herald: Business is booming in the Big East

September 1
Mr. College Football: NCAA wrong on Masoli ruling
AOL Fanhouse: Masoli should be ineligible at Ole Miss
Associated Press: Forecasting the BCS

August 31 The most interesting Dash in the world (Forde)
Denver Post: BYU deciding to go independent in football
Omaha World-Herald: The Big Ten decision
Macon Telegraph: Appearance fees for non-BCS programs growing

August 30 College football overtime – Oregon State is central to 2010 races SEC season predictions (Low)
Times-Picayune: Alabama’s the one constant in college football’s changing landscape
CBS Sports: 25 Things to watch for 2010 (Dodd)

August 29
New York Times: Long road to respect for Boise State, TCU
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Picking college football’s No. 1 ever-controversial
Birmingham News: The next big thing in scheduling – 9-game conference seasons
USA Today: New Notre Dame coach getting an Irish education

August 28
AOL Fanhouse: Ranking the SEC coaches

August 26
Times-Picayune: Allstate renews its title sponsorship with Sugar Bowl
Wall Street Journal: The Boise State nightmare

August 25 Steady Nebraska embraces change (Forde)

August 24 There’s no debate – SEC football is still the best

August 23
Washington Post: Poor economy cuts into college athletics

August 22
Washington Post: A pro agent’s case for paying college football players

August 21
Wall Street Journal: Change is hitting college football, like it or not

August 19

Associated Press: Fresno State, Nevada Headed to MWC
Toledo Free Press: Hancock ready for football, defends BCS WAC, Mountain West waiting on BYU in latest moves
CBS Sports: Realignment boom could lead to more busts for small schools Conference cannibalism continues (Forde)

August 18 WAC, MWC Might Shuffle Off BCS Radar With Latest Re-Shuffling SEC West story lines (Low)
August 17
Wall Street Journal: Fixing college football’s silly season John Brantley has nation’s toughest job (Schlabach) Georgia’s A.J. Green relies on lessons learned (Forde) Derek Dooley’s difficult task with the Vols (Low)
ESPN,com: SEC East story lines (Low)

August 16 What’s hot (and not) for 2010 (Schlabach) College football’s must-see games for 2010 (Adelson) Twenty teams with best title shot (Adelson) Top 20 Heisman Trophy contenders for 2010 (Maisel) College football coaches and teams that thrive in certain situations (Schlabach)

August 14
The Oregonian: Despite recession, college football ticket prices are higher than ever
Times Magazine: Why sports ratings are surging on TV

August 13 Football like it oughta be – why college blows away the NFL
CBS Sports: Previewing the SEC Ranking the SEC’s quarterbacks No exact science in creating a college quarterback (Maisel)

August 12 Predicting the 10 trends that will define college football this decade The great quarterback debate (Forde) Top 10 QBs that fall outside the NFL prototype (Forde) Greg McElroy confident in his skills (Maisel)
Birmingham News: This is America, why not one coach, one vote?

August 11
Times-Picayune: New Orleans to bid on SEC Baseball Tournament
Associated Press: SECond to none – Southeastern Conference rules Who’s hot? Hottest/trendiest picks by conference College players want playoff, but don’t want to lose bowls More teams turning to 3-4 defense (Schlabach)

August 10 SEC has no peers on the field (Forde) Great expectations can lead to greater letdowns (Schlabach)

August 9 College football at a crossroads in 2010  (Maisel) Tide may be turning in rivalry series (Forde) College football’s summer of discontent (Schlabach)
Memphis Commercial-Appeal: Not so fast on Tide repeating

August 7
Los Angeles Times: Conferences expand, playoff hoes contract

August 6
USA Today: Alabama starts title defense at No. 1
AOL Fanhouse: SEC Commissioner Slive talks future of SEC and college football (Part 4)

August 5
AOL Fanhouse: SEC Commissioner Slive talks Kiffin, SEC (Part 3)

August 4
AOL Fanhouse: SEC Commissioner Slive talks tv deal, expansion (Part 2)

August 3
AOL Fanhouse: SEC Commissioner Mike Slive – The most powerful man in college sports (Part 1)

August 1
Los Angeles Times: College football story lines for 2010

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