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News Stand Archive – August 2009 through April 2010
April 28
Associated Press: With 35 bowl games, 5-7 teams could earn bids Expansion FAQs; clearing the haze around conference realignment

April 23 BCS releases automatic bid formula

April 21
CBS Sports: Trickle-down effect will occur after expansion

April 16
CBS Sports: Lucrative Big Ten network could be driving force for expansion

April 15 Boise State bucks traditional trend

April 14
Fox Sports: These teams could crash the BCS party

April 13
CBS Sports: If conference expansion happens, college athletics will never be the same

April 10
San Diego Union-Tribune: Bowl game playbook to change

April 6 Are the Broncos the Butler of autumn?
CBS Sports: Delaney, Big Ten may swallow Irish in expansive landscape

April 5
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: What happens if the Big Ten goes to 16 teams?

April 1
Fox Sports: Sure you still want a football playoff?

March 28
Times-Picayune: Phoenix’s Sylvester wins three events at Allstate Sugar Bowl Track and Field Classic

March 27
Times-Picayune: Country Day’s Van Meter wins pole vault at Allstate Sugar Bowl Track and Field Classic

March 26
CBS Sports: 25 things for spring
Times-Picayune: Allstate Sugar Bowl Track & Field Classic begins Friday

March 24
The Examiner: NCAA Tournament filled with flaws

March 11
CBS Sports: Notre Dame would be smart to take Big Ten’s pot o’ gold

March 10
Associated Press: Head of BCS fires back at Senators Crimson Tide take trip to remember

March 9
Guarding the Point Blog: Former chair of BCS Presidential Oversight Committee

February 19
Times-Picayune: New Sugar Bowl President eager to hit ground running

February 10
CBS Sports: Expansion would boost Pac-10 but leave wake of destruction

February 9
Washington Times: Hatching the silly bowl

February 8
Weekly Standard: Politicians are wrong – this is the golden age of college football

February 6
Tampa Tribune: Butt out of the BCS, Obama

February 2
CBS Sports: NCAA Tournament vs. BCS
Mobile Press-Register: Obama, Hatch should not mess with BCS

January 31
Wall Street Journal: U.S. may examine college football bowl system

January 25
Associated Press: Non-BCS conferences get record payout

January 18 Looking back at the past decade of college football

January 14
Associated Press: Senator wants Boise State team at White House
Birmingham News: NCAA hears radical proposal on how to curb athletic spending

January 13
Orlando Sentinel: Head coaches favor BCS system

January 11
Quad-City Times: Bowls anything but snooze fest
Los Angeles Times: Alabama-Texas game reflects imperfect, unpredictable nature of college football
Esquire: The Real Problem with the BCS
The Washington Post: Boise State may get a shot at BCS glory next season
Aiken (S.C.) Standard: Football playoff a mistake?

January 7
The Huffington Post: A Playoff or the BCS?
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Despite its flaws, the BCS is working
ESPN: New BCS chief defends system
USA Today: How might college football’s next decade with BCS play out?
San Jose Mercury News: College football playoff sounds great but is a bad idea

January 5
USA Today: TCU coach Gary Patterson sees flaws in college playoff system

January 4
USA Today: Gators help Meyer relax in Sugar Bowl rout of Cincinnati
Times-Picayune: Gifts from the heart make house a home

January 3
Alexandria Town-Talk: Tebow “blessed” everyone with Sugar Bowl performance

December 21
Seguin Gazette-Enterprise: The Bright Side of the Bowl System

December 18
Athens Banner-Herald: College Football Playoffs Still a Bad Idea
Detroit News: Forget the Playoff, the System Worked
McClatchy News: Here’s An Argument Against A College Football System
Kansas City Star: Hancock gives the BCS a voice as its Executive Director

December 16
Grand Rapids Press:Big Ten Adding a 12th Team Could Spark Domino Effect That Would Preserve BCS

December 15
Yuma Sun: College football playoff could prove trickier than thought
Cleveland Plain-Dealer: OSU President reaffirms there’s no presidential support for playoff

December 12 Bearcats must move toward future
Cincinnati Enquirer: Quinn’s first move – give the players a break

December 11

The Times Picayune: Cincy Fans Show Support
Cincinnati Enquirer: The Brian Kelly Novel
The Oregonian: Get off our bar stools: What is Congress doing in the debate over the No. 1 team in college football?

December 9
Cincinnati Enquirer: Playoffs bill a political football
Dallas News: Time for a new college footballl tradition: a playoff
Dallas News: BCS: Best Choice Still for college football
Wall Street Journal: TCU Plays BSU in the BCS? OMG!
American Chronicle: Playoffs hurt regular season


December 8
Media Life Magazine: CBS sees its best rating for college play in 20 years  
The Huntsville Times: You want that playoff system? Think Again

December 7
The Huffington Post: Sugar Bowl 2010: Florida vs. Cincinnati
The Gainseville Sun: Sugar Bowl Bittersweet A Love Letter To New Orleans
The Independent Florida Alligator: Sugar Never Tasted So Sour
Daily Iberia (La.): College football’s BCS formula best in an imperfect world
The Miami Herald: Florida lands in Sugar Bowl against Cincinnati Bearcats

December 6
Orlando Sentinel: Florida will face Cincinnati in Sugar Bowl

December 5

The Times-Picayune: Sugar Bowl could have one of the most attractive BCS matchups

December 3
The Daily Beast: Bush’s man shills for football

December 2
AOL Fanhouse: Dadgummit, Bowden was an original
USA Today: Mountain West fusses, BCS goes on the offensive

December 1 BCS hears your gripes, tweets Can a good guy fix college football?

November 30
Advertising Age: The BCS and social media

November 25
Associated Press: Twitterati to BCS – We hate you, signed, everyone
CBS Sports: BCS hires Fleischer to spread good word? Good luck

November 24
Washington Times: Perlman – Deciding the NCAA football championship

November 23 Six perfect in imperfect year Understanding the BCS computers
CBS Sports: Weis’ fate sealed, Irish and Kelly make sense

November 20
USA Today: Title chase takes back seat to rivalry games

November 19 BCS’ Bill Hancock has a horrible job – defending an indefensible system

November 18 After all the build-up, a refund for the season is needed
AOL Fanhouse: Cincinnati rallies to keep Brian Kelly
Los Angeles Times: For what it’s (Fort) Worth, TCU and Boise in the BCS club

November 17
Orlando Sentinel: Bowl picture looking good for SEC with 10 teams likely
AOL Fanhouse: Memo to BCS Bashers – Stop Whining
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Legends poll should be added to BCS

November 16
New York Times: Outlook dim for BCS
CBS Sports: Broncos, Frogs closing in on busting BCS

November 12 MWC targets voters to help with BCS
Dallas Morning News: TCU, non-BCS schools should be careful what they wish for
CBS Sports: Famous scribe subscribes to TCU’s worth
Cincinnati Enquirer: This is what Cincinnati’s been waiting for

November 10
USA Today: College football coaches see salaries rise in down economy
USA Today: Assistant football coaches see pay rise with unique clauses

November 9
CBS Sports: Best’s case scenarios too scary to not induce changes (concussions)
New York Times: College season sputtering to a finish

November 8
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Tech’s Paul Johnson is a coach who dares to be great
Birmingham News: Another year, another division title, but Alabama doesn’t celebrate yet

November 7
The Oklahoman: Why can’t every place be like Lincoln, Neb?

November 6
New York Times: Greatest strength of Boise State’s Kellen Moore is his savvy

November 5
Los Angeles Times: The more unbeatens, the merrier, for BCS
Florida Times-Union: BCS snubs unbeaten outsiders
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: TCU should worry about BCS money, not the title
AOL Fanhouse: Q&A With Big East Commissioner John Marinatto

November 4
Birmingham News: Keep it under your hat, but Miles has passed Saban at LSU
USA Today: Schools use public relations blitz to bolster BCS hopes Renewing plea for a plus-one

November 3
Los Angeles Times: Something doesn’t smell right around the BCS
USA Today: Father’s mistakes serve as lessons for Alabama’s Ingram

October 29
CBS Sports: Time to sound the horn on TCU success
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: TCU must get greedy if it wants to get to BCS title game
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Patterson asks TCU fans to come play their part

October 28
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Big East comes up big on national landscape
Columbia (S.C.) State: BCS playoffs are working just fine
Atlanta Journal Constitution: Time for conferences to get out of the officiating business

October 27
USA Today: Athletic directors recommending NCAA cost cuts

October 26 Once filled with promise, season has failed to sizzle

October 23
Times-Picayune: If BCS not completely broken, don’t fix it
Rocky Mount (N.C.) Telegram: So what’s the problem with the bowl system?
Manchester (N.H.) Union Leader: Playing out the season by BCS rules of deja vu
CBS Sports: With tradition, it’s title-talk attrition – and Cincy deserves better
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Peak of the pyramid is out of reach for TCU
Deseret News: Corso famous for his wild predictions

October 22 Virtual playoff begins as road games make champions
Dallas Morning News: Some coaches’ votes in poll defy logic
Spartanburg (S.C.) Herald-Journal: More meddling by Congress
Los Angeles Times: So the BCS is looking for a permanent point person?
Birmingham News: BCS’ solution: Market the BCS better
Times-West Virginian: BCS not solving problems

October 21
USA Today: Capitol idea – Keep BCS politics away from Congress Senator seeks Justice probe of BCS

October 20
Times-Picayune: Ex-Sugar Bowl director Joe Katz dies
Associated Press: College football playoff boosters form PAC
Mobile Press-Register: With dull SEC games left, let’s just skip to Championship

October 19 UT controls destiny, TCU not so much
Cincinnati Enquirer: Kelly takes on UC’s critics
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: TCU’s Patterson not worried about polls, for now

October 16
Cincinnati Enquirer: Cincy’s Pike injured, to see specialist

October 15
Deseret News: MWC’s bid to improve scheduling is hurt by TV deal

October 13
The Oregonian: Tailgate party as a destination

October 12
Birmingham News: Alabama is going to the national championship game

October 9
USA Today: Coaching plans of succession not all smooth
CBS Sports: Night in Death Valley summons noise, humidity, even some ghosts

October 8
USA Today: More attention, better treatment for concussions
Sports Illustrated: When a hit hits home (Tebow, concussion)

October 6
CBS Sports: Boise could revel in BCS glory…if given chance by pollsters
CBS Sports: Hug Bearcats as best of BCS underdogs
CBS Sports: BCS title game is for big boys, not ‘Boisinatti’

October 5
Gannett: It’s been 50 years since a top five showdown came to LSU
New York Times: Big East silencing its critics
New York Times: A call to change the NCAA’s direction

October 1
CBS Sports: Pulling no punches against the clueless coaches poll
Idaho Statesman: What to watch for as Boise State tries for Pasadena
Idaho Statesman: Broncos need chaos to reach title game

September 30
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Why Boise can’t play for BCS Championship Cincinnati still has flaws, Kelly says

September 28
CBS Sports: Tebow hit a good example of why new rule is cause for concern
New York Times: Three BCS party crashers likely to stay around

September 25
N.H. Union Leader: What makes college football so compelling TCU looking to join nation’s elite

September 24 Houston’s Keenum proves he belongs among elite QBs

September 23
Cincinnati Enquirer: BCS talk for Cincinnati is legit

September 22
Cincinnati Enquirer: Cincinnati thinks it’s Ohio’s best team

September 20
Orlando Sentinel: Where does the Mountain West go from here?
Deseret News: Big schools are now BCS busters

September 17
Birmingham News: Q&A with Big East commissioner John Marinatto
New York Times: College stars run for cover from fans’ cameras Brand regarded as an reformer Brand brought just the right touch

September 16 Coaching ‘fit’ hard to define

September 14
Deseret News: College football can be improved

September 11
USA Today: New stadium could offer new hope in New Orleans school

September 10 Georgia Tech proving option can dominate at highest level
USA Today: Beer sales at Memphis opener provide boon to city coffers
Cincinnati Enquirer: Is Cincinnati really that good?

September 8
Salt Lake Tribune: Room for two? Non-BCS schools making their pitch
New York Times: Few are cheerleading for a college football playoff

September 7 Cincinnati again team to beat in Big East
Los Angeles Times: Forget those predictions and prognostications

September 4
CBS Sports: Boise State could be national title contender

September 3 Boise’s Petersen eyeing BCS bowl, not destination job

September 1
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Saban has been a bargain for Alabama
Daily Toreador: No reason non-BCS teams should complain

August 31
Florida Times-Union: Bowl games, traditions that are gone, not forgotten

August 28
Altoona (Pa.) Mirror: Quarterback U – which school deserves the title?

August 26
Dallas News: Applying some logic to revive the BCS
USA Today: Looking now and then at the golden years of every team

August 25
Washington Post: Fans can not be involved in recruiting, but the line blurs Fans have the right to know how coaches vote in Coaches Poll

August 24
Times-Picayune: Sugar Bowl has had one of best runs in its 75-year history

August 21
Denver Post: Thompson urges BCS action
Associated Press: Economy bites season ticket sales

August 18 Non-AQs highlight Manning Award Watch List
Sporting News: Bowl changes steal a little New Years’ luster

August 17
Times-Picayune: Tebow, Bradford and McCoy head Manning Award Watch List
CBS Sports: Kelly working on entrenching Cincinnati atop Big East

August 16
Tampa Tribune: For SEC, tech-savvy fans might be threat to media exclusivity

August 15
Associated Press: Efforts to reform BCS face tall order in Congress

August 14
Times-Picayune: Proposed Notre Dame-Baylor game in Superdome falls through

August 10
Virginian-Pilot: Who wants to get rid of preseason polls?

August 9
Hartford Courant: What if the Big East and ACC merged?

August 7
USA Today: Where you start in Top 25 can mean good finish

August 5
CBS Sports: BCS Review – righting a decade of mostly wrongs

August 4
Providence Journal: Big East commish Marinatto focusing on football Recession widening gap between haves, have-nots
Los Angeles Times: SEC is top conference in the nation

August 2
Orlando Sentinel: Lee Corso won’t let a stroke he suffered in May slow him down
Deseret News: Can Mountain West Conference take the heat

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