Allstate Sugar Bowl – Writer Information

Superdome Media Layout (to be updated 12/15/21)

CFP Vaccination Requirement
          Per College Football Playoff policies, proof of vaccination will be required for all media covering the Allstate Sugar Bowl. Media will be required to present proof of vaccination when picking up their credentials and when accessing the Superdome, as well as for other events.

Internet Access
                Free hard-wire (and wireless) internet access is available in the 7th Floor Press Box areas. The media workroom on the field level has limited hard-wire connections with full wireless coverage, compliments of the Allstate Sugar Bowl. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN ETHERNET CABLE TO PLUG IN.

                During game week, we will have selected quotes from each press conference available on our website. We recommend that you bookmark this site in order to have the quickest access to quotes – the quotes will be posted here faster than hard copies can be distributed. For the head coach press conferences on December 31 and for the postgame press conferences, we will have the full transcript available online and distributed to writers in attendance. For media day, we will have selected quotes from seven players and the full head-coach transcript for each team. All quotes will also be emailed.

Press Box
                The main press box in the Superdome is located at the top level (you may want to consider binoculars). Media members can use Elevator 7 or 8 to get to the press box. Be aware, the press box is located in the path of the air conditioning vents for the Superdome – dress warmly.

Field Access
          Press box media will not have access to the field during pre-game. With five minutes (5:00) remaining on the game clock, press box media will be allowed to access the Northwest Corner of the field in a secured area. Once the game is over, that media will be escorted to the Southwest Corner of the field to be able to view the postgame trophy presentation.

Interview Rooms and Access
                After the game, media will have access to the interview warehouse on the ground level. The runner-up coach and two players will be available on the main platform of the interview warehouse area. The winning coach and two players will be available after the cooling off period. We will feed the post-game interview sessions from the interview warehouse to the television monitors in the main press box.

Locker Rooms Are Closed
          Both team locker rooms are closed to the media. We will bring a minimum of four top players into a separate area for postgame interviews.

          The following guidelines have been established by the College Football Playoff to be followed for the media events of the Allstate Sugar Bowl:
          There will be a 10-minute cooling off period for the runner-up team before the head coach and two players appear at the post-game press conference. The winning team will be entitled to a 20-minute cooling off period before its representatives are brought to the designated media areas. The winning team’s cooling off period will begin after the conclusion of the trophy presentation.


Video for Websites
                We do not allow hand-held video cameras in the press conference rooms. Media wishing to post video from the press conferences on its website must supply a flash drive and the video files will be loaded to the drive for you.

Game Day Media Meal
                The media meal will be served in the Crown Royal Signature Club (Gate G) on the ground level of the Superdome from 3:30-7:30 p.m. Halftime snacks will be provided in the main press box.


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