Allstate Sugar Bowl – Photographer Information

CFP Vaccination Requirement
          Per College Football Playoff policies, proof of vaccination will be required for all media covering the Allstate Sugar Bowl. Media will be required to present proof of vaccination when picking up their credentials and when accessing the Superdome, as well as for other events.

Photography Check-in
          The Photographer Check-in area (Northwest Tunnel, across from Elevator 9) is where photographers will pick up their vests prior to gaining access to the field. In order to have a camera on the field, you MUST have a photo vest. There will be a mandatory pre-game photographers’ meeting at approximately 5 p.m. (check for signage on game day) in the Media Work Room.

Superdome Media Layout (to be updated 12/15/21)

Field Rules
          The sidelines feature two striped lines. Photographers will be allowed to kneel between the white and yellow lines. Standing photographers may stand up to the yellow limit line. All other personnel, including runners, must stand back off the yellow line to avoid congesting the area. Please understand that the network rightsholder (ESPN) cameras and parab mike holders will be standing ON the white line. Photographers must also stay outside the team bench area (between the 20-yard lines on both ends of the field).
No cameras, still or video, are allowed in the bench area. Any media found in the bench area will be removed from the game permanently.
The End Zone line is kneeling only; if you wish to shoot from a standing position you must stand back against the wall.
Space on the sideline and end zone is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

          When not actively working with a photographer or in transit, messengers must remain away from the standing lines to give space for the working photographers. At no time will messengers be allowed to kneel or loiter along the sidelines.

          There will be a trophy presentation for the winning team on a stage on the field. Photographers must remain on the West sideline (do not cross onto the actual playing surface. We will have two camera platforms behind the player corral – space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Game-Week Opportunities
          There will be additional photo opportunities throughout the week leading up to the game. We post the Media Schedule on our website. Check the tabs under “Media” for further information.

Digital Work Area
          The primary digital work area is located on the ground level of the Superdome at Elevator 8. When entering the Dome at Gate A, turn right and follow to Elevator 8. It is immediately after the elevator on the right. There are Ethernet connections at every seat. Please bring your own Ethernet cable.

Digital Overflow
          Any photographers not assigned seats in the primary Digital Work Area can use space in the Media Work Room, located between Elevators 8 and 9. There will be limited Ethernet connections available, as well as wireless.

Game Day Media Meal
                The media meal will be served in the Crown Royal Signature Club (Gate G) on the ground level of the Superdome from 3:30-7:30 p.m. Halftime snacks will be provided in the Media Work Room on ground level.