Sugar Bowl Collegiate Basketball History
Year-by-Year Breakdown
1935 – 1/2/36
(Municipal Auditorium)
Pittsburgh def. LSU, 52-47
Notes: LSU won a mythical national championship by defeating Pittsburgh, 41-37, in the American Legion Bowl National Championship game in Atlantic City the previous spring.

Arkansas def. Tennessee, 42-34

1937 – 12/29/37
(Municipal Auditorium)
Kentucky def. Pittsburgh, 40-29

Purdue def. Arkansas, 57-51

1939 – 12/27/39
(Municipal Auditorium)
Kentucky def. Ohio State, 36-30

1940 – 12/30/40
(Municipal Auditorium)
Indiana def. Kentucky, 48-45

Tennessee def. Long Island, 36-33

Great Lakes def. Stanford, 57-41

Event suspended due to World War II.

1946 – Doubleheader, 12/30/46
LSU def. Tulane, 54-51.
Oklahoma A&M def. Kentucky, 37-31
Hall of Famers: Adolph Rupp (Kentucky coach), Henry Iba (Oklahoma A&M coach).
Notes: Oklahoma A&M is the defending NCAA Champion and Kentucky is the defending NIT Champ. Only regular season meeting between Rupp and Iba.

1947 – Doubleheader, 12/30/47
Tulane def. Oklahoma, 48-32
Holy Cross def. North Carolina State, 56-51
Hall of Famers: Doggie Julian (Holy Cross coach), Bob Cousy (Holy Cross)
Notes: Holy Cross was the defending NCAA Champion (would lose in the semifinals in 1948).

1948 – Tournament
(Municipal Auditorium)
12/29/48 – First Round

Kentucky def. Tulane, 78-47
Saint Louis def. Holy Cross, 61-52
12/30/48 – Second Round
Championship: Saint Louis def. Kentucky, 42-40
Consolation: Tulane def. Holy Cross, 81-70
Hall of Famers: Bob Cousy (Holy Cross), Cliff Wells (Tulane coach), Adolph Rupp (Kentucky coach), Ed Macauley (Saint Louis), Eddie Hickey (Saint Louis coach)
Notes: Saint Louis was the defending NIT Champion and Kentucky was the defending NIT Champ. Kentucky went on to win the 1948-49 NCAA Championship.

1949 – Tournament
(Municipal Auditorium)
12/29/49 – First Round
Bradley def. Tulane, 78-46
Kentucky def. Villanova, 57-56
12/30/49 – Second Round
Championship: Kentucky def. Bradley, 71-66
Consolation: Tulane def. Villanova, 58-55
Hall of Famers: Cliff Wells (Tulane coach), Adolph Rupp (Kentucky coach)

1950 – Tournament
(Municipal Auditorium)
12/29/50 – First Round
Saint Louis def. Kentucky, 43-42
Bradley def. Syracuse, 72-64
12/30/50 – Second Round
Championship: Bradley defeats Saint Louis, 64-59
Consolation: Kentucky defeats Syracuse, 69-59
Hall of Famers: Adolph Rupp (Kentucky coach), Eddie Hickey (Saint Louis coach)
Kentucky goes on to win the 1950-51 NCAA Championship.

1951 – Tournament
(Municipal Auditorium)
12/28/51 – First Round
Saint Louis def. Villanova, 73-69
Kentucky def. BYU, 84-64
12/29/51 – Second Round
Championship: Saint Louis def. Kentucky, 61-60
Consolation: Villanova def. BYU, 72-58
Hall of Famers: Adolph Rupp (Kentucky coach), Cliff Hagan (Kentucky), Eddie Hickey (Saint Louis coach)

1952 – Tournament
12/29/52 – First Round
LSU def. Villanova, 100-94 (OT)
Saint Louis def. St. Bonaventure, 67-59
12/30/52 – Second Round
Championship: LSU def. Saint Louis, 70-67
Consolation: Villanova def. St. Bonaventure, 75-66
MVP: Bob Pettit (LSU)
Hall of Famers: Bob Pettit (LSU), Eddie Hickey (Saint Louis coach)

1953 – Tournament
12/28/53 – First Round
LSU def. Fordham, 65-49
Holy Cross def. DePaul, 79-55
12/29/53 – Second Round
Consolation: Fordham vs. DePaul, 65-61
Championship: Holy Cross defeats LSU, 66-56
MVP: Togo Palazzi (Holy Cross)
Hall of Famers: Tom Heinsohn (Holy Cross)

1954 – Tournament
12/29/54 – First Round

Holy Cross def. Bradley, 89-81
Notre Dame def. Loyola, 66-45
12/30/54 – Second Round
Championship: Notre Dame def. Holy Cross, 74-69
Consolation: Bradley def. Loyola, 77-71
MVP: Tom Heinsohn (Holy Cross)
Hall of Famers: Tom Heinsohn (Holy Cross)

1955 – Tournament
12/29/55 – First Round

Utah def. Marquette, 89-84
Notre Dame def. Alabama, 86-80
12/30/55 – Second Round
Championship: Notre Dame def. Utah 70-65
Consolation: Alabama def. Marquette, 77-75
MVP: John Smyth (Notre Dame)

1956 – Tournament
(Loyola Fieldhouse)
12/28/56 – First Round
Kentucky def. Virginia Tech, 56-55
Houston def. Alabama, 76-58
12/29/56 – Second Round
Championship: Kentucky def. Houston, 111-76
Consolation: Alabama def. Virginia Tech, 62-47
MVP: Ed Beck (Kentucky)

1957 – Tournament
First Round

Maryland def. Vanderbilt, 71-56
Memphis State def. Loyola 65-63 (OT)
Second Round
Championship: Memphis State def. Maryland 47-46 (3 OT)
Consolation: Loyola def. Vanderbilt, 84-80
MVP: Jim Henry (Vanderbilt)

1958 – Tournament
12/29/58 – First Round

Mississippi State def. Maryland, 56-45
Memphis State def. Loyola, 73-71
12/30/58 – Second Round
Championship: Mississippi State def. Memphis State, 73-55
Consolation: Maryland def. Loyola, 54-50
Hall of Famers: Bailey Howell (Mississippi State)
MVP: Bailey Howell (Mississippi State)
All-Tourney: Jerry Keaton, Mississippi State

1959 – Tournament
12/29/59 – First Round

Tulane def. Virginia Tech, 62-57
Western Kentucky def. Mississippi State, 61-50
12/30/59 – Second Round
Championship: Western Kentucky def. Tulane, 71-67
Consolation: Virginia Tech def. Mississippi State, 82-61
MVP: Bobby Rascoe (Western Kentucky)

1960 – Tournament
12/29/60 – First Round

West Virginia def. Tulane, 98-70
Memphis State def. Western Kentucky, 95-74
12/30/60 – Second Round
Championship: West Virginia def. Memphis State 86-82
Consolation: Western Kentucky def. Tulane, 81-60
MVP: Lee Patron (West Virginia)

1961 – Tournament
12/29/61 – First Round

LSU def. Louisville, 84-70
Mississippi State def. Maryland, 64-62
12/30/61 – Second Round
Championship: Mississippi State def. LSU, 73-51
Consolation: Louisville def. Maryland 83-64
MVP: Red Stroud (Mississippi State)
All-Tourney: Leland Mitchell (Mississippi State)

1962 – Tournament
12/28/62 – First Round

Houston def. Mississippi State, 79-76 (OT)
Auburn def. Xavier (Ohio), 64-57
12/29/62 – Second Round
Championship: Auburn def. Houston 71-69 (OT)
Consolation: Mississippi State def. Xavier (Ohio), 75-66
MVP: Larry Cart (Auburn)

1963 – Tournament
12/30/63 – First Round

Kentucky def. Loyola (N.O.), 86-64
Duke def. Auburn, 84-67
12/31/63 – Second Round
Championship: Kentucky def. Duke, 81-79
Consolation: Auburn def. Loyola (N.O.), 62-52
MVP: Cotton Nash (Kentucky)
Notes: Vic Bubas (North Carolina State, 1947) becomes the first player to return to the Sugar Bowl Tournament as a coach (Duke).

1964- Tournament
First Round

Vanderbilt def. Texas Tech, 83-73
Louisville def. Georgia Tech, 77-71
Second Round
Championship: Vanderbilt def. Louisville, 80-47
Consolation: Texas Tech def. Georgia Tech, 95-90
MVP: John Ed Miller (Vanderbilt)

1965 – Tournament
First Round

Maryland def. Houston, 69-68
Dayton def. Auburn, 85-71
Second Round
Championship: Maryland def. Dayton, 77-75
Consolation: Houston def. Auburn, 89-76
MVP: Henry Finkel (Dayton)

1966 – Tournament
First Round

Bradley def. Tennessee, 60-53
Utah def. Boston College, 90-88
Second Round
Championship: Bradley def. Utah, 64-62
Consolation: Boston College def. Tennessee, 68-61
MVP: Mervin Jackson (Utah)

1967 – Tournament
First Round

Vanderbilt def. Michigan State, 73-63
Davidson def. Memphis State, 51-44
Second Round
Championship: Vanderbilt def. Davidson, 80-67
Consolation: Memphis State def. Michigan State, 73-57
MVP: Tom Hagan (Vanderbilt)

1968 – Tournament
First Round

Duke def. Western Kentucky, 73-72
Iowa def. Houston, 95-87
Second Round
Championship: Duke def. Iowa, 85-82
Consolation: Houston def. Western Kentucky, 87-66
MVP: Randy Denton (Duke)

1969 – Tournament
First Round

South Carolina def. New Mexico, 85-62
Notre Dame def. West Virginia, 84-80
Second Round
Championship: South Carolina def. Notre Dame, 84-83 (OT)
Consolation: West Virginia def. New Mexico, 95-91
MVP: Austin Carr (Notre Dame)

1970 – Tournament
First Round

Vanderbilt def. Cincinnati, 86-83
Toledo def. Loyola Chicago, 83-81 (OT)
Second Round
Championship: Vanderbilt def. Toledo, 92-76
Consolation: Cincinnati def. Loyola Chicago, 74-64
MVP: Thorpe Weber (Vanderbilt)

1971 – Tournament
First Round

North Carolina def. St. Joseph’s, 93-77
Bradley def. Purdue, 72-64
Second Round
Championship: North Carolina def. Bradley, 75-69
Consolation: St. Joseph’s (Pa.) def. Purdue, 85-74
MVP: Rich Schultz (Bradley)

1972 – Tournament
12/29/72 – First Round

UCLA def. Drake, 85-72
Illinois def. Temple, 82-77
12/30/72 – Second Round
Championship: UCLA def. Illinois, 71-64
Consolation: Temple def. Drake, 73-68
MVP: Bill Walton (UCLA)
Hall of Famers: Bill Walton (UCLA)
UCLA went undefeated for the 1972-73 season (30-0), winning the 1972-73 NCAA Championship, the school’s seventh consecutive championship.

1973 – Tournament
First Round

North Carolina State def. Villanova, 97-82
Memphis State def. LSUNO, 86-81
Second Round
Championship: North Carolina State def. Memphis State, 98-83
Consolation: LSUNO def. Villanova, 81-80
MVP: David Thompson (North Carolina State)
Hall of Famers: David Thompson (North Carolina State)
Notes: North Carolina State would go on to capture the 193-74 NCAA Championship.

1974 – Tournament
First Round

La Salle def. Furman, 69-64
Alabama def. Houston, 105-88
Second Round
Championship: La Salle def. Alabama, 77-73
Consolation: Furman def. Houston, 89-80
MVP: Bill Taylor (La Salle)

1975 – Tournament
12/28/75 – First Round
Tulane def. Ohio State, 80-65
Tennessee def. Pennsylvania, 77-70
12/29/75 – Second Round
Championship: Tennessee def. Tulane, 97-73
Consolation: Pennsylvania def. Ohio, 79-64
MVP: Ernie Grunfeld (Tennessee)
Hall of Famers: Bernard King (Tennessee)

1976 – Tournament
First Round

Cincinnati def. South Carolina, 79-72
Indiana def. Georgia, 74-52
Second Round
Championship: Cincinnati def. Indiana, 52-43
Consolation: South Carolina def. Georgia, 74-73
MVP: Mike Jones (Cincinnati)
Hall of Famers: Bob Knight (Indiana coach)

1977 – Tournament
First Round

Virginia def. Temple, 66-65
USC def. Auburn, 85-74
Second Round
Championship: Virginia def. USC, 85-82
Consolation: Temple def. Auburn, 74-73
MVP: Mike Mitchell (Auburn)

1978 – Tournament
First Round

Alabama def. Bradley, 66-64
Virginia def. Providence, 106-68
Second Round
Championship: Alabama def. Virginia, 71-69
Consolation: Bradley def. Providence, 84-52
MVP: Jeff Lamp (Virginia)

1979 – Tournament
12/28/79 – First Round
Virginia Tech def. Tulane, 71-58
Ole Miss def. Michigan, 71-66
12/29/79 – Second Round
Championship: Ole Miss def. Virginia Tech, 70-66
Consolation: Michigan def. Tulane, 72-71
MVP: John Stroud (Mississippi)

1980 – Tournament
First Round

Tennessee def. Arizona State, 69-53
Duke def. UNO, 77-63
Second Round
Championship: Tennessee def. Duke, 90-69
Consolation: Arizona State def. UNO, 75-63
MVP: Howard Wood (Tennessee)
Hall of Famers: Mike Krzyewski (Duke coach)
Notes: Krzyewski’s first year as the head coach at Duke.

1981 – Tournament
12/28/81 – First Round

LSU def. Wake Forest, 70-64
Houston def. Purdue, 59-58
12/29/81 – Second Round
Championship: Houston def. LSU, 73-69
Consolation: Wake Forest def. Purdue, 76-68
MVP: Howard Carter (LSU)
Hall of Famers: Akeem Olajuwon (Houston), Clyde Drexler (Houston), Guy Lewis (Houston coach)
Notes: Houston returned to New Orleans in the spring for the 1982 Final Four.

1982 – Tournament
12/28/82 – First Round

Mississippi State def. Tulane, 51-47
Southwestern Louisiana def. Michigan State, 71-66
12/29/82 – Second Round
Championship: Mississippi State def. Southwestern Louisiana, 65-56
Consolation: Tulane def. Michigan State, 81-58
MVP: Jeff Malone (Mississippi State)
All-Tourney: Terry Lewis, Mississippi State; Kalpatrick Wells, Mississippi State; Graylin Warner, Southwestern Louisiana;
Paul Thompson, Tulane; Sam Vincent, Michigan State

1983 – Tournament
12/28/83 – First Round

Kansas def. Tulane, 67-64
Southwestern Louisiana def. Florida, 74-65
12/29/83 – Second Round
Championship: Southeastern Louisiana def. Kansas, 54-45
Consolation: Florida def. Tulane, 65-53
MVP: Dion Brown (Southwestern Louisiana)
All-Tourney: John Williams (Tulane), George Almones (Southwestern Louisiana), Greg Greiling (Kansas), Mike Marshall (Kansas), Graylin Warner (Southwestern Louisiana)
Hall of Famers: Larry Brown (Kansas coach)
Notes: Larry Brown’s first year as the Kansas coach.

1984 – Tournament
First Round

Virginia defeats Penn State, 66-54
Alabama defeats UNO, 73-55
Second Round
Championship: Alabama defeats Virginia, 54-48
Consolation: UNO defeats Penn State, 61-59
MVP: Terry Coner (Alabama)
All Tournament Team: Terry Coner (Alabama); Olden Polynice (Virginia), John Harris (UNO), Bobby Lee Hurt (Alabama), Buck Johnson (Alabama), Craig Collins (Penn State)

1985 – Tournament
First Round

Pittsburgh def. Texas A&M, 79-62
Southwestern Louisiana def. Tennessee, 79-78 (2OT)
Second Round
Championship: Pittsburgh def. Southwestern Louisiana, 77-52
Consolation: Tennessee def. Texas A&M, 70-64
MVP: Curtis Aiken (Pittsburgh)

1986 – Tournament
First Round

South Carolina def. Vanderbilt, 96-91 (2OT)
Villanova def. Houston, 63-60
Second Round
Championship: Villanova def. South Carolina, 69-59
Consolation: Houston def. Vanderbilt, 73-72
MVP: Harold Jensen (Villanova)
Notes: Villanova was the defending NCAA Champion.

1987 – Tournament
First Round

Temple 70, Ole Miss 61
Southern 114, UNO 101
Second Round
Championship: Temple def. Southern, 84-47
Consolation: Ole Miss 83, UNO 74
MVP: Mark Macon, Temple
Notes: Southern was led by New Orleans native Avery Johnson.

1988 – Tournament
12/28/88 – First Round

DePaul defeats Mississippi State, 62-60
Seton Hall def. Virginia, 84-67
12/29/88 – Second Round
Championship: Seton Hall def. DePaul, 83-60
Consolation: Mississippi State defeats Virginia, 86-84
MVP: Andrew Gaze (Seton Hall)
All-Tournament Team: Andrew Gaze (Seton Hall), John Morton (Seton Hall), Daryll Walker (Seton Hall), Terence Greene (DePaul), Cameron Burns (Mississippi State), Richard Morgan (Virginia)
Notes: Dick Vitale spoke at the pre-tournament banquet. Seton Hall rode its tournament victory all the way to the finals of the 1988-89 NCAA Championship.

1989 – Tournament
12/27/89 – First Round

LaSalle def. Ohio State, 74-62
Florida def. UNO, 69-64
Second Round
Championship: LaSalle def. Florida, 76-69
Consolation: Ohio State def. UNO, 74-66
MVP: Lionel Simmons, LaSalle

1990 – Tournament
12/27/90 – First Round

Georgia Tech defeats Tulane, 95-83
Villanova def. Auburn, 88-71
12/28/90 – Second Round
Championship: Georgia Tech def. Villanova, 99-87
Consolation: Auburn defeats Tulane, 84-71
MVP: Kenny Anderson, Georgia Tech

1991 – Tournament
First Round

UNO def. James Madison, 67-47
Pittsburgh def. Ole Miss, 67-65
Second Round
Championship: UNO def. Pittsburgh, 78-77 (OT)
Consolation: James Madison def. Ole Miss, 75-67
MVP: Chris McNeal, Pittsburgh

1992 – Tournament
First Round

St. Joseph’s 64, Texas A&M 50
Notre Dame 45, UNO 43
Second Round
Championship: Notre Dame def. St. Joseph’s, 68-65
Consolation: UNO def. Texas A&M, 72-66
MVP: Ervin Johnson, UNO

1993 – Tournament
First Round

UNO def. Southern, 79-72
George Washington def. Coastal Carolina, 87-68
Second Round
Championship: UNO def. George Washington, 63-60
Consolation: Coastal Carolina def. Southern, 85-71
MVP: Melvin Simon, UNO

1995 – Doubleheader
Tulane Men def. UNO Men, 75-71
Tulane Women def. UNO Women, 80-65
MVPs: Tyrone Garris, UNO Men; Barbara Farris, Tulane women

1996 – Doubleheader
Tulane Men def. UNO Men, 86-77
Tulane Women def. UNO Women, 67-65
MVPs: Rayshard Allen, Tulane Men; Mary Martino, Tulane Women

1997 – Doubleheader
UNO Men def. Tulane Men, 78-55
Tulane Women def. UNO Women, 91-77
MVPs: Kwan Johnson, UNO Men; Grace Daley, Tulane Women

1998 – Single Game
12/22/97: UNO defeats Tulane, 66-61
MVP: Tory Walker, UNO

1999 – Doubleheader
Tulane Men defeat UNO Men, 55-53
Tulane Women def. UNO Women, 71-51
MVPs: LeDaryl Billingsley, Tulane Men; Grace Daley, Tulane Women

2000 – Doubleheader
LSU defeats Oklahoma State, 63-53
Kentucky defeats Missouri, 70-53

2001 – Doubleheader
(New Orleans Arena)
Florida defeats Tulane, 103-85
LSU defeats Oregon State, 78-68

2001 – Doubleheader
(New Orleans Arena)
Miami (Fla.) defeats LSU, 68-61
Alabama def. Notre Dame, 79-76

2002 – Doubleheader
(New Orleans Arena)
LSU defeats Tulane, 74-62
Mississippi State def. Oklahoma 54-45

2003 – Doubleheader
(New Orleans Arena)
Mississippi State defeats Tulane, 72-50
LSU defeats UAB, 78-62

2004 – Doubleheader
(New Orleans Arena)
Mississippi State def. Virginia Tech, 71-65
LSU defeats Florida State, 67-50

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