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On his team’s performance …
“It was exciting. You couldn’t ask for a better game. We knew it was going to be close, but it wasn’t going to be easy in the first place. Just to come out of here with a victory is pretty awesome.”

On the team’s offense in the first half …
“We felt like our tempo was good. It was something we practiced all week. We wanted to keep the pace fast. We thought we were able to do that and get it working in the first half. In the second half, [Arkansas] figured it out a little bit. They did a good job of adjusting.”

On trying to keep their lead …
“It’s kind of been our M.O. for the year, getting the lead and trying to keep it. We wanted to get aggressive, but it just didn’t work out like that. In the end, it just became a chess match.”

On his touchdown catch …
“That was one of those things where it’s nowhere near how we drew it up. We had routes that weren’t usually together. It was kind of a jumble because that was one of our hurry-up things. [Terrelle Pryor] trusted me enough to throw it into traffic, so I was trying to make a play.”


On fighting until the end of the game …
“It’s funny because you always hear stories about adversity and how, if you push through, lessons lie at the end. It’s where you have such adversity, it’s such a blessing and it’s so drastic. This has really taught me how to deal with adversity next season. I just turned 22, so I think it comes along with age.”

On dealing with the NCAA infractions …
“It’s been tough. It’s hard because in a team environment, when you’re singled out, you have to realize when you make a mistake and you have to man up to it. You have to look your teammates in the eye and your family members. I’m thankful for it. It’s taught me a lot and it’s made me stronger.”

On the five players facing suspension making a big impact in the game …
“I think that’s just how it happened, a power higher than us. I think we were all focused. That’s just how it played out.”


On whether or not he thinks the five juniors facing infractions will return next season …
“I do. Everybody’s different from the situation that happened. Everyone comes from different places; everyone’s financially different and economically different. You can never judge. That’s something that this process with the NCAA and the suspension has taught me. Everybody’s different. We’re a team. I don’t know, but I would say so.”


On winning the game and breaking Ohio State’s losing streak to Southeastern Conference teams…
“It feels good. To get that monkey off your back and finish like we did today was a really good feeling. I’m so proud of our team and what we did. We came together as a team, over the last couple of weeks, and we came out here with something to prove. From the top down, we had the mentality that we had each other’s back and we were in this together no matter what.”

On the interception that sealed the game for the Buckeyes…
“It was a great call. Coach Fickell and the rest of the coaching staff knew what we wanted to do on that play and we had to do whatever we could to execute it. They pushed us to put everything on the line and we made the play in the end.”

On putting pressure on Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett…
“We had an unbelievable game plan. We knew we didn’t want to let him sit in the pocket and pick us apart. We all wanted to come after him, whether it was the defensive line or linebackers, we needed to get in his face and get him rattled a bit.”

On going out with a win as a senior
“To go out on top with a win, it’s a win – not just for us – but for our fans and the University. It’s a great feeling to get a win like this and put a stamp on my college career like this.”


On what he was thinking on the final defensive stand of the game…
“We have to get out here and play defense and keep them out of the end zone, and we ended up with an interception.”

On the Ohio State secondary overcoming adversity…
“It shows that guys evolve, guys want to step in and do well. We had some guys banged up, but I told them, ‘You don’t have anything to do next week or the week after that.’ Guys came back who were injured – unfortunately Chimdi (Chekwa) couldn’t come back with his arm. But, if guys pulled something or tweaked something, they didn’t worry about that, they worried about the team. In the end, that’s a great job by those guys coming back, playing hard and getting a victory.”

On what he was thinking when the punt was blocked in the fourth quarter…
“I was like, ‘Texas game all over again.’ At the same time, I had confidence in my guys. We had to hold them out of the end zone. In the end, we were going to win. That’s what my thoughts were.”

On the Ohio State defensive line…
“We didn’t blitz as much as we would have liked to, as linebackers. They told us in the locker-room that it was going to be a long day for the [Arkansas] quarterback and offensive line. They did a tremendous job. After the first couple of series, I kept telling them, ‘Keep getting after them.’ You could see the [Arkansas] offensive line talking trash to each other. That lets us know they’re not doing their job, they’re not in their scheme. They [the Ohio State defensive line] did a tremendous job getting pressure and forcing turnovers.”

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