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On what he can take from this loss, if anything …
“When it comes to finishing with defense, special teams and offense, we have to finish games. That’s just it. ”

On second half defense …
“In the first half, they called a lot of quick plays and were able to jump out on us early. We came out in the second half and made some good adjustments. We lost the game. We play to win games. It’s as simple as that.”


On the momentum swing after the blocked punt …
“That was a huge swing of emotions and momentum, everything. A lot of people are going to diagnose those last three plays, I would say, including the special teams play. The next two are going to be diagnosed, broken down, going to be a whole lot of shoulda, coulda, wouldas, but the fact is that we didn’t execute when we needed to.”

On his emotions after playing his last game for Arkansas …
“I’m trying to keep them in the best that I can. The worst part is the last ball I got thrown, I dropped. It’s kind of tough, but it’s something you just have to learn from and move on.”

On Arkansas miscues, dropped passes …
“That’s the hardest part, when you go back and watch film, is looking at the missed opportunities. Still with all of those (dropped) balls right there, we still put ourselves in a position to win the game, and I think that just comes down to having heart. This team has heart, and it’s been like that since day one of spring football and fall camp.”


On how the game went…
“We came up short; we dug a hole in the beginning of the game. They came out and did some things we thought they weren’t going to do. They came out and did a hurry-up offense. At halftime, we adjusted to it. We just dug a hole in the first half.”

On changes made for the second half…
“Just coming out, communicating the calls and trying to keep everything simple, so the d-line could get the calls faster and the linebackers could make their checks with the secondary. Because, in the first half, we couldn’t get our plays in and couldn’t get our checks in time before they hiked the ball.”

On whether or not the tempo surprised him…
“Yeah, because the whole year we really never saw a hurried-up tempo and we didn’t practice it. We kind of had a feeling they were going to do it. They didn’t do it on the first drive, but on the second drive they started speeding things up. We just couldn’t catch up to them. So, at half time, we made some adjustments. After we made adjustments, we were full-throttle and ready to go. We were able to play and move around fast.”


On coming back during the second half and the heart it takes to do that… “It really showed, because we came back. You play as a group and you compete in everything. I am so proud to say how we feel, so far, and we are not hanging our heads down. We played a great game. It could have gone differently, but you win some and you lose some.”

On the first half of the game…
“We definitely didn’t play our Razorback football in the first half; we all know that. But, we came and we were in a jam and we almost won. It came down to the wire. That’s all you can ask for.”

On the emotion of the end of the game…
“We got this far. I am happy with the team. It is frustrating when you lose so close, but it gave us some momentum for next year and we are going to try to make another run for it. It was really emotional. When we had the blocked punt, we thought we were going to win it. The interception just shut us down, but that is football and that is why I love it.”

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